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2018-06-13Linux 4.9.108v4.9.108Greg Kroah-Hartman
2018-06-13complete e390f9a port for v4.9.106Philip Müller
2018-06-13objtool: Fix gcov check for older versions of GCCJosh Poimboeuf
2018-06-13dm bufio: avoid false-positive Wmaybe-uninitialized warningArnd Bergmann
2018-06-13KVM: VMX: Expose SSBD properly to guests, 4.9 supplementBen Hutchings
2018-06-13net: metrics: add proper netlink validationEric Dumazet
2018-06-13net: phy: broadcom: Fix bcm_write_exp()Florian Fainelli
2018-06-13rtnetlink: validate attributes in do_setlink()Eric Dumazet
2018-06-13net/mlx4: Fix irq-unsafe spinlock usageJack Morgenstein
2018-06-13vrf: check the original netdevice for generating redirectStephen Suryaputra
2018-06-13vhost: synchronize IOTLB message with dev cleanupJason Wang
2018-06-13team: use netdev_features_t instead of u32Dan Carpenter
2018-06-13sctp: not allow transport timeout value less than HZ/5 for hb_timerXin Long
2018-06-13qed: Fix mask for physical address in ILT entryShahed Shaikh
2018-06-13packet: fix reserve calculationWillem de Bruijn
2018-06-13net: usb: cdc_mbim: add flag FLAG_SEND_ZLPDaniele Palmas
2018-06-13net/packet: refine check for priv area sizeEric Dumazet
2018-06-13netdev-FAQ: clarify DaveM's position for stable backportsCong Wang
2018-06-13kcm: Fix use-after-free caused by clonned socketsKirill Tkhai
2018-06-13isdn: eicon: fix a missing-check bugWenwen Wang
2018-06-13ipv4: remove warning in ip_recv_errorWillem de Bruijn
2018-06-13ip6mr: only set ip6mr_table from setsockopt when ip6mr_new_table succeedsSabrina Dubroca
2018-06-13enic: set DMA mask to 47 bitGovindarajulu Varadarajan
2018-06-13dccp: don't free ccid2_hc_tx_sock struct in dccp_disconnect()Alexey Kodanev
2018-06-13bnx2x: use the right constantJulia Lawall
2018-06-13drm: set FMODE_UNSIGNED_OFFSET for drm filesDave Airlie
2018-06-13kconfig: Avoid format overflow warning from GCC 8.1Nathan Chancellor
2018-06-13btrfs: define SUPER_FLAG_METADUMP_V2Anand Jain
2018-06-13mmap: relax file size limit for regular filesLinus Torvalds
2018-06-13mmap: introduce sane default mmap limitsLinus Torvalds
2018-06-13tpm: self test failure should not cause suspend to failChris Chiu
2018-06-13tpm: do not suspend/resume if power stays onEnric Balletbo i Serra
2018-06-06Linux 4.9.107v4.9.107Greg Kroah-Hartman
2018-06-06serial: pl011: add console matching functionAleksey Makarov
2018-06-06sparc64: Don't clibber fixed registers in __multi4.David S. Miller
2018-06-06mm: fix the NULL mapping case in __isolate_lru_page()Hugh Dickins
2018-06-06fix io_destroy()/aio_complete() raceAl Viro
2018-06-06sparc64: Fix build warnings with gcc 7.David S. Miller
2018-06-06drm/i915: Disable LVDS on Radiant P845Ondrej Zary
2018-06-06drm/psr: Fix missed entry in PSR setup time table.Dhinakaran Pandiyan
2018-06-06IB/core: Fix error code for invalid GID entryParav Pandit
2018-06-06hwtracing: stm: fix build error on some archesGreg Kroah-Hartman
2018-06-06stm class: Use vmalloc for the master mapAlexander Shishkin
2018-06-06scsi: scsi_transport_srp: Fix shost to rport translationBart Van Assche
2018-06-06MIPS: prctl: Disallow FRE without FR with PR_SET_FP_MODE requestsMaciej W. Rozycki
2018-06-06MIPS: ptrace: Fix PTRACE_PEEKUSR requests for 64-bit FGRsMaciej W. Rozycki
2018-06-06iio:kfifo_buf: check for uint overflowMartin Kelly
2018-06-06net/mlx4_en: fix potential use-after-free with dma_unmap_pageSarah Newman
2018-06-06powerpc/64s: Add support for a store forwarding barrier at kernel entry/exitNicholas Piggin
2018-06-06powerpc/64s: Fix section mismatch warnings from setup_rfi_flush()Michael Ellerman