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2018-11-10Linux 4.18.18v4.18.18Greg Kroah-Hartman
2018-11-10x86/fpu: Fix i486 + no387 boot crash by only saving FPU registers on context ...Sebastian Andrzej Siewior
2018-11-10x86/swiotlb: Enable swiotlb for > 4GiG RAM on 32-bit kernelsChristoph Hellwig
2018-11-10x86/time: Correct the attribute on jiffies' definitionNathan Chancellor
2018-11-10x86/percpu: Fix this_cpu_read()Peter Zijlstra
2018-11-10x86, hibernate: Fix nosave_regions setup for hibernationZhimin Gu
2018-11-10x86/tsc: Force inlining of cyc2ns bitsPeter Zijlstra
2018-11-10sched/fair: Fix throttle_list starvation with low CFS quotaPhil Auld
2018-11-10drm/sun4i: Fix an ulong overflow in the dotclock driverBoris Brezillon
2018-11-10Input: elan_i2c - add ACPI ID for Lenovo IdeaPad 330-15IGMMikhail Nikiforov
2018-11-10tracing: Fix synthetic event to allow semicolon at endMasami Hiramatsu
2018-11-10tracing: Fix synthetic event to accept unsigned modifierMasami Hiramatsu
2018-11-10USB: fix the usbfs flag sanitization for control transfersAlan Stern
2018-11-10usb: xhci: pci: Enable Intel USB role mux on Apollo Lake platformsHeikki Krogerus
2018-11-10usb: roles: intel_xhci: Fix Unbalanced pm_runtime_enableWan Ahmad Zainie
2018-11-10usb: gadget: storage: Fix Spectre v1 vulnerabilityGustavo A. R. Silva
2018-11-10usb: usbip: Fix BUG: KASAN: slab-out-of-bounds in vhci_hub_control()Shuah Khan (Samsung OSG)
2018-11-10cdc-acm: fix race between reset and control messagingOliver Neukum
2018-11-10cdc-acm: correct counting of UART states in serial state notificationTobias Herzog
2018-11-10cdc-acm: do not reset notification buffer index upon urb unlinkingTobias Herzog
2018-11-10IB/ucm: Fix Spectre v1 vulnerabilityGustavo A. R. Silva
2018-11-10RDMA/ucma: Fix Spectre v1 vulnerabilityGustavo A. R. Silva
2018-11-10drm: fb-helper: Reject all pixel format changing requestsEugeniy Paltsev
2018-11-10drm/edid: VSDB yCBCr420 Deep Color mode bit definitionsClint Taylor
2018-11-10drm/edid: Add 6 bpc quirk for BOE panel in HP Pavilion 15-n233slKai-Heng Feng
2018-11-10ptp: fix Spectre v1 vulnerabilityGustavo A. R. Silva
2018-11-10fscache: Fix out of bound read in long cookie keysEric Sandeen
2018-11-10cachefiles: fix the race between cachefiles_bury_object() and rmdir(2)Al Viro
2018-11-10fscache: Fix incomplete initialisation of inline key spaceDavid Howells
2018-11-10clk: sunxi-ng: sun4i: Set VCO and PLL bias current to lowest settingChen-Yu Tsai
2018-11-10gpio: mxs: Get rid of external API callLinus Walleij
2018-11-10bpf: fix partial copy of map_ptr when dst is scalarDaniel Borkmann
2018-11-10vfs: swap names of {do,vfs}_clone_file_range()Amir Goldstein
2018-11-10eeprom: at24: Add support for address-width propertyAlan Chiang
2018-11-04Linux 4.18.17v4.18.17Greg Kroah-Hartman
2018-11-04net: bridge: remove ipv6 zero address check in mcast queriesNikolay Aleksandrov
2018-11-04sparc: Throttle perf events properly.David S. Miller
2018-11-04sparc: Fix syscall fallback bugs in VDSO.David S. Miller
2018-11-04sparc: Fix single-pcr perf event counter management.David S. Miller
2018-11-04sparc64: Wire up compat getpeername and getsockname.David S. Miller
2018-11-04sparc64: Set %l4 properly on trap return after handling signals.David S. Miller
2018-11-04sparc64: Make proc_id signed.David S. Miller
2018-11-04sparc64: Make corrupted user stacks more debuggable.David Miller
2018-11-04sparc64: Export __node_distance.David S. Miller
2018-11-04mlxsw: core: Fix devlink unregister flowShalom Toledo
2018-11-04net/mlx5: WQ, fixes for fragmented WQ buffers APITariq Toukan
2018-11-04net: fix pskb_trim_rcsum_slow() with odd trim offsetDimitris Michailidis
2018-11-04net: drop skb on failure in ip_check_defrag()Cong Wang
2018-11-04net: bpfilter: use get_pid_task instead of pid_taskTaehee Yoo
2018-11-04mlxsw: spectrum_switchdev: Don't ignore deletions of learned MACsPetr Machata