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2019-02-20Linux 4.14.102v4.14.102Greg Kroah-Hartman
2019-02-20uapi/if_ether.h: move __UAPI_DEF_ETHHDR libc defineHauke Mehrtens
2019-02-20pinctrl: msm: fix gpio-hog related boot issuesChristian Lamparter
2019-02-20futex: Cure exit raceThomas Gleixner
2019-02-20sched, trace: Fix prev_state output in sched_switch tracepointPavankumar Kondeti
2019-02-20drm/i915: Prevent a race during I915_GEM_MMAP ioctl with WC setJoonas Lahtinen
2019-02-20dm thin: fix bug where bio that overwrites thin block ignores FUANikos Tsironis
2019-02-20dm crypt: don't overallocate the integrity tag spaceMikulas Patocka
2019-02-20x86/a.out: Clear the dump structure initiallyBorislav Petkov
2019-02-20md/raid1: don't clear bitmap bits on interrupted recovery.Nate Dailey
2019-02-20signal: Restore the stop PTRACE_EVENT_EXITEric W. Biederman
2019-02-20x86/platform/UV: Use efi_runtime_lock to serialise BIOS callsHedi Berriche
2019-02-20tracing/uprobes: Fix output for multiple string argumentsAndreas Ziegler
2019-02-20alpha: Fix Eiger NR_IRQS to 128Meelis Roos
2019-02-20alpha: fix page fault handling for r16-r18 targetsSergei Trofimovich
2019-02-20mm: proc: smaps_rollup: fix pss_locked calculationSandeep Patil
2019-02-20Input: elantech - enable 3rd button support on Fujitsu CELSIUS H780Matti Kurkela
2019-02-20Input: bma150 - register input device after setting private dataJonathan Bakker
2019-02-20kvm: vmx: Fix entry number check for add_atomic_switch_msr()Xiaoyao Li
2019-02-20ALSA: usb-audio: Fix implicit fb endpoint setup by quirkManuel Reinhardt
2019-02-20ALSA: hda - Add quirk for HP EliteBook 840 G5Jurica Vukadin
2019-02-20perf/x86: Add check_period PMU callbackJiri Olsa
2019-02-20perf/core: Fix impossible ring-buffer sizes warningIngo Molnar
2019-02-20Input: elan_i2c - add ACPI ID for touchpad in Lenovo V330-15ISKMauro Ciancio
2019-02-20Revert "Input: elan_i2c - add ACPI ID for touchpad in ASUS Aspire F5-573G"Dmitry Torokhov
2019-02-20cifs: Limit memory used by lock request calls to a pageRoss Lagerwall
2019-02-20drm/nouveau/falcon: avoid touching registers if engine is offIlia Mirkin
2019-02-20drm/nouveau: Don't disable polling in fallback modeTakashi Iwai
2019-02-20gpio: pl061: handle failed allocationsNicholas Mc Guire
2019-02-20ARM: dts: kirkwood: Fix polarity of GPIO fan linesLinus Walleij
2019-02-20ARM: dts: da850-lcdk: Correct the sound card namePeter Ujfalusi
2019-02-20ARM: dts: da850-evm: Correct the sound card namePeter Ujfalusi
2019-02-20nvme-pci: use the same attributes when freeing host_mem_desc_bufs.Liviu Dudau
2019-02-20drm/bridge: tc358767: fix output H/V syncsTomi Valkeinen
2019-02-20drm/bridge: tc358767: reject modes which require too much BWTomi Valkeinen
2019-02-20drm/bridge: tc358767: fix initial DP0/1_SRCCTRL valueTomi Valkeinen
2019-02-20drm/bridge: tc358767: fix single lane configurationTomi Valkeinen
2019-02-20drm/bridge: tc358767: add defines for DP1_SRCCTRL & PHY_2LANETomi Valkeinen
2019-02-20cpufreq: check if policy is inactive early in __cpufreq_get()Sudeep Holla
2019-02-20perf test shell: Use a fallback to get the pathname in vfs_getnameArnaldo Carvalho de Melo
2019-02-20ACPI: NUMA: Use correct type for printing addresses on i386-PAEChao Fan
2019-02-20bnx2x: disable GSO where gso_size is too big for hardwareDaniel Axtens
2019-02-20net: create skb_gso_validate_mac_len()Daniel Axtens
2019-02-20ARM: fix the cockup in the previous patchRussell King
2019-02-20ARM: ensure that processor vtables is not lost after bootRussell King
2019-02-20ARM: spectre-v2: per-CPU vtables to work around big.Little systemsRussell King
2019-02-20ARM: add PROC_VTABLE and PROC_TABLE macrosRussell King
2019-02-20ARM: clean up per-processor check_bugs method callRussell King
2019-02-20ARM: split out processor lookupRussell King
2019-02-20ARM: make lookup_processor_type() non-__initRussell King