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2017-07-27Linux 4.12.4v4.12.4Greg Kroah-Hartman
2017-07-27sched/cputime: Don't use smp_processor_id() in preemptible contextWanpeng Li
2017-07-27alarmtimer: don't rate limit one-shot timersGreg Hackmann
2017-07-27smp/hotplug: Replace BUG_ON and react usefulThomas Gleixner
2017-07-27smp/hotplug: Move unparking of percpu threads to the control CPUThomas Gleixner
2017-07-27drm/i915: reintroduce VLV/CHV PFI programming power domain workaroundGabriel Krisman Bertazi
2017-07-27drm/i915: Hold RPM wakelock while initializing OA buffersagar.a.kamble@intel.com
2017-07-27drm/i915/fbdev: Check for existence of ifbdev->vma before operationsChris Wilson
2017-07-27tracing: Fix kmemleak in instance_rmdirChunyu Hu
2017-07-27PM / Domains: defer dev_pm_domain_set() until genpd->attach_dev succeeds if p...Sudeep Holla
2017-07-27drm/imx: parallel-display: Accept drm_of_find_panel_or_bridge failurePhilipp Zabel
2017-07-27device-dax: fix sysfs duplicate warningsDan Williams
2017-07-27reiserfs: Don't clear SGID when inheriting ACLsJan Kara
2017-07-27spmi: Include OF based modalias in device ueventBjorn Andersson
2017-07-27cpufreq: intel_pstate: Correct the busy calculation for KNLSrinivas Pandruvada
2017-07-27vmbus: re-enable channel taskletStephen Hemminger
2017-07-27acpi/nfit: Fix memory corruption/Unregister mce decoder on failurePrarit Bhargava
2017-07-27kernel/fork.c: virtually mapped stacks: do not disable interruptsChristoph Lameter
2017-07-27writeback: rework wb_[dec|inc]_stat family of functionsNikolay Borisov
2017-07-27percpu_counter: Rename __percpu_counter_add to percpu_counter_add_batchNikolay Borisov
2017-07-27sched/fair: Fix load_balance() affinity redo pathJeffrey Hugo
2017-07-27sched/cputime: Accumulate vtime on top of nsec clocksourceWanpeng Li
2017-07-27sched/cputime: Move the vtime task fields to their own structFrederic Weisbecker
2017-07-27sched/cputime: Rename vtime fieldsFrederic Weisbecker
2017-07-27sched/cputime: Always set tsk->vtime_snap_whence after accounting vtimeFrederic Weisbecker
2017-07-27vtime, sched/cputime: Remove vtime_account_user()Frederic Weisbecker
2017-07-27hfsplus: Don't clear SGID when inheriting ACLsJan Kara
2017-07-27mlx5: Avoid that mlx5_ib_sg_to_klms() overflows the klms[] arrayBart Van Assche
2017-07-27drm/i915: Make DP-MST connector info workMaarten Lankhorst
2017-07-27drm/mst: Avoid processing partially received up/down message transactionsImre Deak
2017-07-27drm/mst: Avoid dereferencing a NULL mstb in drm_dp_mst_handle_up_req()Imre Deak
2017-07-27drm/mst: Fix error handling during MST sideband message receptionImre Deak
2017-07-27RDMA/core: Initialize port_num in qp_attrIsmail, Mustafa
2017-07-27RDMA/uverbs: Fix the check for port numberIsmail, Mustafa
2017-07-27ceph: fix race in concurrent readdirYan, Zheng
2017-07-27staging: lustre: ko2iblnd: check copy_from_iter/copy_to_iter return codeArnd Bergmann
2017-07-27staging: sm750fb: avoid conflicting vesafbTeddy Wang
2017-07-27staging: comedi: ni_mio_common: fix AO timer off-by-one regressionIan Abbott
2017-07-27staging: rtl8188eu: add TL-WN722N v2 supportMichael Gugino
2017-07-27Revert "perf/core: Drop kernel samples even though :u is specified"Ingo Molnar
2017-07-27perf/core: Fix scheduling regression of pinned groupsAlexander Shishkin
2017-07-27perf annotate: Fix broken arrow at row 0 connecting jmp instruction to its ta...Jin Yao
2017-07-27iser-target: Avoid isert_conn->cm_id dereference in isert_login_recv_doneNicholas Bellinger
2017-07-27target: Fix COMPARE_AND_WRITE caw_sem leak during se_cmd quiesceJiang Yi
2017-07-27udf: Fix deadlock between writeback and udf_setsize()Jan Kara
2017-07-27udf: Fix races with i_size changes during readpageJan Kara
2017-07-27NFS: only invalidate dentrys that are clearly invalid.NeilBrown
2017-07-27PNFS fix EACCESS on commit to DS handlingOlga Kornievskaia
2017-07-27NFS: Fix initialization of nfs_page_array->npagesBenjamin Coddington
2017-07-27net/sunrpc/xprt_sock: fix regression in connection error reporting.NeilBrown