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2012-05-12Linux 3.3.6v3.3.6Greg Kroah-Hartman
2012-05-12usb: gadget: udc-core: fix incompatibility with dummy-hcdAlan Stern
2012-05-12usb: gadget: udc-core: fix wrong call orderFelipe Balbi
2012-05-12ARM: 7398/1: l2x0: only write to debug registers on PL310Will Deacon
2012-05-12ARM: 7397/1: l2x0: only apply workaround for erratum #753970 on PL310Will Deacon
2012-05-12nfsd: don't fail unchecked creates of non-special filesJ. Bruce Fields
2012-05-12block: mtip32xx: remove HOTPLUG_PCI_PCIE dependancyGreg Kroah-Hartman
2012-05-12mtip32xx: fix error handling in mtip_init()Ryosuke Saito
2012-05-12mtip32xx: fix incorrect value set for drv_cleanup_done, and re-initialize and...Asai Thambi S P
2012-05-12hugepages: fix use after free bug in "quota" handlingDavid Gibson
2012-05-12sony-laptop: Enable keyboard backlight by defaultJosh Boyer
2012-05-12KVM: lock slots_lock around device assignmentAlex Williamson
2012-05-12KVM: VMX: Fix kvm_set_shared_msr() called in preemptible contextAvi Kivity
2012-05-12KVM: VMX: vmx_set_cr0 expects kvm->srcu lockedMarcelo Tosatti
2012-05-12KVM: nVMX: Fix erroneous exception bitmap checkNadav Har'El
2012-05-12KVM: VMX: Fix delayed load of shared MSRsAvi Kivity
2012-05-12KVM: Ensure all vcpus are consistent with in-kernel irqchip settingsAvi Kivity
2012-05-12KVM: x86 emulator: correctly mask pmc index bits in RDPMC instruction emulationGleb Natapov
2012-05-12KVM: mmu_notifier: Flush TLBs before releasing mmu_lockTakuya Yoshikawa
2012-05-12KVM: Fix write protection race during dirty loggingTakuya Yoshikawa
2012-05-12KVM: s390: Sanitize fpc registers for KVM_SET_FPUChristian Borntraeger
2012-05-12KVM: s390: do store status after handling STOP_ON_STOP bitJens Freimann
2012-05-12net: Fix issue with netdev_tx_reset_queue not resetting queue from XOFF stateAlexander Duyck
2012-05-12net: Add memory barriers to prevent possible race in byte queue limitsAlexander Duyck
2012-05-12tcp: change tcp_adv_win_scale and tcp_rmem[2]Eric Dumazet
2012-05-12tcp: fix infinite cwnd in tcp_complete_cwr()Yuchung Cheng
2012-05-12tg3: Avoid panic from reserved statblk field accessMatt Carlson
2012-05-12sungem: Fix WakeOnLanGerard Lledo
2012-05-12sky2: fix receive length error in mixed non-VLAN/VLAN trafficstephen hemminger
2012-05-12sky2: propogate rx hash when packet is copiedstephen hemminger
2012-05-12net: l2tp: unlock socket lock before returning from l2tp_ip_sendmsgSasha Levin
2012-05-12net: In unregister_netdevice_notifier unregister the netdevices.Eric W. Biederman
2012-05-12netem: fix possible skb leakEric Dumazet
2012-05-12asix: Fix tx transfer padding for full-speed USBIngo van Lil
2012-05-12ARM: OMAP: Revert "ARM: OMAP: ctrl: Fix CONTROL_DSIPHY register fields"Archit Taneja
2012-05-12ARM: orion5x: Fix GPIO enable bits for MPP9Ben Hutchings
2012-05-12regulator: Fix the logic to ensure new voltage setting in valid rangeAxel Lin
2012-05-12ARM: 7414/1: SMP: prevent use of the console when using idmap_pgdColin Cross
2012-05-12ARM: 7412/1: audit: use only AUDIT_ARCH_ARM regardless of endiannessWill Deacon
2012-05-12ARM: 7411/1: audit: fix treatment of saved ip register during syscall tracingWill Deacon
2012-05-12ARM: 7410/1: Add extra clobber registers for assembly in kernel_execveTim Bird
2012-05-12Fix __read_seqcount_begin() to use ACCESS_ONCE for sequence value readLinus Torvalds
2012-05-12asm-generic: Use __BITS_PER_LONG in statfs.hH. Peter Anvin
2012-05-12percpu, x86: don't use PMD_SIZE as embedded atom_size on 32bitTejun Heo
2012-05-12x86, relocs: Remove an unused variableKusanagi Kouichi
2012-05-12fs/cifs: fix parsing of dfs referralsStefan Metzmacher
2012-05-12ASoC: tlv312aic23: unbreak resumeEric BĂ©nard
2012-05-12ASoC: core: check of_property_count_strings failureRichard Zhao
2012-05-12drm/i915: Do no set Stencil Cache eviction LRA w/a on gen7+Daniel Vetter
2012-05-12drm/i915: disable sdvo hotplug on i945g/gmDaniel Vetter