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2016-09-17Linux 3.18.42v3.18.42Sasha Levin
2016-09-15Revert "ARC: mm: don't loose PTE_SPECIAL in pte_modify()"Sasha Levin
2016-09-15x86/AMD: Apply erratum 665 on machines without a BIOS fixEmanuel Czirai
2016-09-15x86/paravirt: Do not trace _paravirt_ident_*() functionsSteven Rostedt
2016-09-15ovl: listxattr: use strnlen()Miklos Szeredi
2016-09-15ovl: remove posix_acl_default from workdirMiklos Szeredi
2016-09-15kernfs: don't depend on d_find_any_alias() when generating notificationsTejun Heo
2016-09-15dm crypt: fix free of bad values after tfm allocation failureEric Biggers
2016-09-15dm crypt: fix error with too large biosMikulas Patocka
2016-09-15NFSv4.x: Fix a refcount leak in nfs_callback_up_netTrond Myklebust
2016-09-12xfs: fix superblock inprogress checkDave Chinner
2016-09-12USB: serial: option: add WeTelecom 0x6802 and 0x6803 productsAleksandr Makarov
2016-09-12USB: serial: option: add WeTelecom WM-D200Aleksandr Makarov
2016-09-12USB: avoid left shift by -1Alan Stern
2016-09-12iio: accel: kxsd9: Fix raw read returnLinus Walleij
2016-09-12staging: comedi: ni_mio_common: fix AO inttrig backwards compatibilityIan Abbott
2016-09-12staging: comedi: ni_mio_common: fix wrong insn_write handlerIan Abbott
2016-09-12staging: comedi: daqboard2000: bug fix board type matching codeIan Abbott
2016-09-12USB: serial: mos7840: fix non-atomic allocation in write pathAlexey Khoroshilov
2016-09-12USB: serial: mos7720: fix non-atomic allocation in write pathAlexey Khoroshilov
2016-09-12cpuset: make sure new tasks conform to the current config of the cpusetZefan Li
2016-09-12ovl: don't copy up opaquenessMiklos Szeredi
2016-09-12ext4: validate that metadata blocks do not overlap superblockTheodore Ts'o
2016-09-11[PATCH] arm: fix handling of F_OFD_... in oabi_fcntl64()Al Viro
2016-09-02Linux 3.18.41v3.18.41Sasha Levin
2016-09-02PCI: Limit config space size for Netronome NFP4000Simon Horman
2016-09-02PCI: Add Netronome NFP4000 PF device IDSimon Horman
2016-09-02PCI: Limit config space size for Netronome NFP6000 familyJason S. McMullan
2016-09-02PCI: Add Netronome vendor and device IDsJason S. McMullan
2016-09-02PCI: Support PCIe devices with short cfg_sizeJason S. McMullan
2016-09-02net: fec: fix NULL pointer dereference in fec_enet_timeout_workHubert Feurstein
2016-08-31fs/seq_file: fix out-of-bounds readVegard Nossum
2016-08-31clocksource/drivers/sun4i: Clear interrupts after stopping timer in probe fun...Chen-Yu Tsai
2016-08-31dm flakey: fix reads to be issued if drop_writes configuredMike Snitzer
2016-08-31xenbus: don't look up transaction IDs for ordinary writesJan Beulich
2016-08-31timekeeping: Cap array access in timekeeping_debugJohn Stultz
2016-08-31ubifs: Fix assertion in layout_in_gaps()Vincent Stehlé
2016-08-31Input: tegra-kbc - fix inverted reset logicMasahiro Yamada
2016-08-31drm: Reject page_flip for !DRIVER_MODESETDaniel Vetter
2016-08-31parisc: Fix order of EREFUSED define in errno.hHelge Deller
2016-08-31ARC: export __udivdi3 for modulesVineet Gupta
2016-08-31ARC: Support syscall ABI v4Vineet Gupta
2016-08-31ARC: use correct offset in pt_regs for saving/restoring user mode r25Liav Rehana
2016-08-31ARCv2: STAR 9000808988: signals involving Delay SlotVineet Gupta
2016-08-31Input: i8042 - set up shared ps2_cmd_mutex for AUX portsDmitry Torokhov
2016-08-31drm/radeon: fix radeon_move_blit on 32bit systemsChristian König
2016-08-31gpio: Fix OF build problem on UMLinus Walleij
2016-08-31bcache: RESERVE_PRIO is too small by one when prio_buckets() is a power of two.Kent Overstreet
2016-08-31bcache: register_bcache(): call blkdev_put() when cache_alloc() failsEric Wheeler
2016-08-31drm/radeon: only apply the SS fractional workaround to RS[78]80Christian König