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2017-10-12Linux 3.16.49v3.16.49Ben Hutchings
2017-10-12dm: flush queued bios when process blocks to avoid deadlockMikulas Patocka
2017-10-12cpuset: PF_SPREAD_PAGE and PF_SPREAD_SLAB should be atomic flagsZefan Li
2017-10-12sched: add macros to define bitops for task atomic flagsZefan Li
2017-10-12sched: fix confusing PFA_NO_NEW_PRIVS constantZefan Li
2017-10-12sched: move no_new_privs into new atomic flagsKees Cook
2017-10-12Fix match_prepath()Sachin Prabhu
2017-10-12Fix regression which breaks DFS mountingSachin Prabhu
2017-10-12Move check for prefix path to within cifs_get_root()Sachin Prabhu
2017-10-12Compare prepaths when comparing superblocksSachin Prabhu
2017-10-12Fix memory leaks in cifs_do_mount()Sachin Prabhu
2017-10-12fs/cifs: make share unaccessible at root level mountableAurelien Aptel
2017-10-12netvsc: fix incorrect receive checksum offloadingStephen Hemminger
2017-10-12ALSA: oxygen: Fix logical-not-parentheses warningTomer Barletz
2017-10-12PCI: Limit config space size for Netronome NFP4000Simon Horman
2017-10-12PCI: Add Netronome NFP4000 PF device IDSimon Horman
2017-10-12PCI: Limit config space size for Netronome NFP6000 familyJason S. McMullan
2017-10-12PCI: Add Netronome vendor and device IDsJason S. McMullan
2017-10-12PCI: Support PCIe devices with short cfg_sizeJason S. McMullan
2017-10-12mm: thp: fix SMP race condition between THP page fault and MADV_DONTNEEDAndrea Arcangeli
2017-10-12s390/seccomp: fix error return for filtered system callsJan Willeke
2017-10-12mm/swap.c: flush lru pvecs on compound page arrivalLukasz Odzioba
2017-10-12arm64: Rework valid_user_regsMark Rutland
2017-10-12MIPS: KVM: Fix modular KVM under QEMUJames Hogan
2017-10-12macintosh/therm_windtunnel: Export I2C module alias informationJavier Martinez Canillas
2017-10-12perf/x86: Fix undefined shift on 32-bit kernelsAndrey Ryabinin
2017-10-12perf/x86: Honor the architectural performance monitoring versionPalik, Imre
2017-10-12MIPS: Fix 64k page support for 32 bit kernels.Ralf Baechle
2017-10-12misc: ad525x_dpot: Fix the enabling of the "otpXen" attributesDan Bogdan Nechita
2017-10-12serial: samsung: Reorder the sequence of clock control when call s3c24xx_seri...Chanwoo Choi
2017-10-12Btrfs: don't use src fd for printkJosef Bacik
2017-10-12ARM: OMAP3: Fix booting with thumb2 kernelTony Lindgren
2017-10-12Input: ads7846 - correct the value got from SPIAndrey Gelman
2017-10-12v4l2-dv-timings.h: fix polarity for 4k formatsHans Verkuil
2017-10-12usb: musb: cppi41: improve rx channel abort routineBin Liu
2017-10-12usb: musb: cppi41: correct the macro name EP_MODE_AUTOREG_*Bin Liu
2017-10-12x86/efi: Avoid triple faults during EFI mixed mode callsMatt Fleming
2017-10-12drm/irq: BUG_ON() -> WARN_ON()Rob Clark
2017-10-12Revert "ACPI / EC: Add support to disallow QR_EC to be issued before completi...Lv Zheng
2017-10-12net sched filters: fix notification of filter delete with proper handleJamal Hadi Salim
2017-10-12net: Don't forget pr_fmt on net_dbg_ratelimited for CONFIG_DYNAMIC_DEBUGJason A. Donenfeld
2017-10-12net: Implement net_dbg_ratelimited() for CONFIG_DYNAMIC_DEBUG caseTim Bingham
2017-10-12net_dbg_ratelimited: turn into no-op when !DEBUGJason A. Donenfeld
2017-10-12sparc64: Fix return from trap window fill crashes.David S. Miller
2017-10-12sparc: Harden signal return frame checks.David S. Miller
2017-10-12sparc64: Take ctx_alloc_lock properly in hugetlb_setup().David S. Miller
2017-10-12sparc/PCI: Fix for panic while enabling SR-IOVBabu Moger
2017-10-12sparc64: Fix sparc64_set_context stack handling.David S. Miller
2017-10-12sparc64: Fix bootup regressions on some Kconfig combinations.David S. Miller
2017-10-12sparc: Fix system call tracing register handling.Mike Frysinger