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2014-05-31bridge: Handle IFLA_ADDRESS correctly when creating bridge deviceToshiaki Makita
2014-05-31ipv6: fib: fix fib dump restartKumar Sundararajan
2014-05-31rtnetlink: Only supply IFLA_VF_PORTS information when RTEXT_FILTER_VF is setDavid Gibson
2014-05-31rtnetlink: Warn when interface's information won't fit in our packetDavid Gibson
2014-05-31net: Fix ns_capable check in sock_diag_put_filterinfoAndrew Lutomirski
2014-05-31net: sctp: cache auth_enable per endpointVlad Yasevich
2014-05-31tg3: update rx_jumbo_pending ring param only when jumbo frames are enabledIvan Vecera
2014-05-31macvlan: Fix lockdep warnings with stacked macvlan devicesVlad Yasevich
2014-05-31vlan: Fix lockdep warning with stacked vlan devices.Vlad Yasevich
2014-05-31net: Allow for more then a single subclass for netif_addr_lockVlad Yasevich
2014-05-31net: Find the nesting level of a given device by type.Vlad Yasevich
2014-05-31vlan: Fix lockdep warning when vlan dev handle notificationdingtianhong
2014-05-31ip6_gre: don't allow to remove the fb_tunnel_devNicolas Dichtel
2014-05-31net: Start with correct mac_len in skb_network_protocolVlad Yasevich
2014-05-31Revert "net: sctp: Fix a_rwnd/rwnd management to reflect real state of the re...Daniel Borkmann
2014-05-31filter: prevent nla extensions to peek beyond the end of the messageMathias Krause
2014-05-31ipv4: return valid RTA_IIF on ip route getJulian Anastasov
2014-05-31net: ipv4: current group_info should be put after using.Wang, Xiaoming
2014-05-31vti: don't allow to add the same tunnel twiceNicolas Dichtel
2014-05-31gre: don't allow to add the same tunnel twiceNicolas Dichtel
2014-05-31ipv6: Limit mtu to 65575 bytesEric Dumazet
2014-05-31bridge: Fix double free and memory leak around br_allowed_ingressToshiaki Makita
2014-05-31bonding: Remove debug_fs files when module init failsThomas Richter
2014-05-31net: core: don't account for udp header size when computing seglenFlorian Westphal
2014-05-31l2tp: take PMTU from tunnel UDP socketDmitry Petukhov
2014-05-31net: sctp: test if association is dead in sctp_wake_up_waitersDaniel Borkmann
2014-05-31net: sctp: wake up all assocs if sndbuf policy is per socketDaniel Borkmann
2014-05-31drm/i915: Do not dereference pointers from ring buffer in evict eventSteven Rostedt
2014-05-31drm/i915/tv: fix gen4 composite s-video tv-outJani Nikula
2014-05-31drm/radeon: fix typo in spectre_golden_registersAlex Deucher
2014-05-31drm/radeon: fix endian swap on hawaii clear state buffer setupAlex Deucher
2014-05-31drm/radeon: call drm_edid_to_eld when we update the edidAlex Deucher
2014-05-31drm/radeon: clear needs_reset flag if IB test failsChristian König
2014-05-31drm/qxl: unset a pointer in sync_obj_unrefMaarten Lankhorst
2014-05-31drm/vmwgfx: Make sure user-space can't DMA across buffer object boundaries v2Thomas Hellstrom
2014-05-31drm/vmwgfx: Fix query buffer locking order violationThomas Hellstrom
2014-05-31drm/vmwgfx: correct fb_fix_screeninfo.line_lengthChristopher Friedt
2014-05-31wl18xx: align event mailbox with current fwEliad Peller
2014-05-31fs: Don't return 0 from get_anon_bdevThomas Bächler
2014-05-31mlx4_en: don't use napi_synchronize inside mlx4_en_netpollChris Mason
2014-05-31serial: omap: Fix missing pm_runtime_resume handling by simplifying codeTony Lindgren
2014-05-31usb: option: add and update a number of CMOTech devicesBjørn Mork
2014-05-31usb: option: add Alcatel L800MABjørn Mork
2014-05-31usb: option: add Olivetti Olicard 500Bjørn Mork
2014-05-31usb: qcserial: add Sierra Wireless MC7305/MC7355Bjørn Mork
2014-05-31usb: qcserial: add Sierra Wireless MC73xxBjørn Mork
2014-05-31usb: qcserial: add Sierra Wireless EM7355Bjørn Mork
2014-05-31USB: io_ti: fix firmware download on big-endian machinesJohan Hovold
2014-05-31USB: serial: fix sysfs-attribute removal deadlockJohan Hovold
2014-05-31Revert "USB: serial: add usbid for dell wwan card to sierra.c"Johan Hovold