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2014-04-03Linux 3.13.9v3.13.9Greg Kroah-Hartman
2014-04-03netfilter: nf_conntrack_dccp: fix skb_header_pointer API usagesDaniel Borkmann
2014-04-03cgroup: protect modifications to cgroup_idr with cgroup_mutexLi Zefan
2014-04-03mm: close PageTail raceDavid Rientjes
2014-04-03switch mnt_hash to hlistAl Viro
2014-04-03don't bother with propagate_mnt() unless the target is sharedAl Viro
2014-04-03keep shadowed vfsmounts togetherAl Viro
2014-04-03resizable namespace.c hashesAl Viro
2014-04-03random32: avoid attempt to late reseed if in the middle of seedingSasha Levin
2014-04-03net: mvneta: fix usage as a module on RGMII configurationsThomas Petazzoni
2014-04-03net: mvneta: rename MVNETA_GMAC2_PSC_ENABLE to MVNETA_GMAC2_PCS_ENABLEThomas Petazzoni
2014-04-03make prepend_name() work correctly when called with negative *buflenAl Viro
2014-04-03x86: fix boot on uniprocessor systemsArtem Fetishev
2014-04-03drm/i915: Undo gtt scratch pte unmapping againDaniel Vetter
2014-04-03i2c: cpm: Fix build by adding of_address.h and of_irq.hScott Wood
2014-04-03Revert "xen: properly account for _PAGE_NUMA during xen pte translations"David Vrabel
2014-04-03xen/balloon: flush persistent kmaps in correct positionWei Liu
2014-04-03Input: cypress_ps2 - don't report as a button padsHans de Goede
2014-04-03Input: synaptics - add manual min/max quirk for ThinkPad X240Hans de Goede
2014-04-03Input: synaptics - add manual min/max quirkBenjamin Tissoires
2014-04-03Input: mousedev - fix race when creating mixed deviceDmitry Torokhov
2014-04-03rcuwalk: recheck mount_lock after mountpoint crossing attemptsAl Viro
2014-04-03ext4: atomically set inode->i_flags in ext4_set_inode_flags()Theodore Ts'o
2014-03-31Linux 3.13.8v3.13.8Greg Kroah-Hartman
2014-03-31libceph: fix preallocation check in get_reply()Ilya Dryomov
2014-03-31libceph: rename front to front_len in get_reply()Ilya Dryomov
2014-03-31libceph: rename ceph_msg::front_max to front_alloc_lenIlya Dryomov
2014-03-31e100: Fix "disabling already-disabled device" warningMichele Baldessari
2014-03-31xhci: Fix resume issues on Renesas chips in Samsung laptopsSarah Sharp
2014-03-31Input: wacom - add reporting of SW_MUTE_DEVICE eventsPing Cheng
2014-03-31Input: wacom - add support for three new Intuos devicesPing Cheng
2014-03-31Input: wacom - make sure touch_max is set for touch devicesPing Cheng
2014-03-31KVM: VMX: fix use after free of vmx->loaded_vmcsMarcelo Tosatti
2014-03-31KVM: x86: handle invalid root_hpa everywhereMarcelo Tosatti
2014-03-31KVM: MMU: handle invalid root_hpa at __direct_mapMarcelo Tosatti
2014-03-31Input: elantech - improve clickpad detectionHans de Goede
2014-03-31fs/proc/proc_devtree.c: remove empty /proc/device-tree when no openfirmware e...Dave Jones
2014-03-31powerpc/powernv: Refactor PHB diag-data dumpGavin Shan
2014-03-31powerpc/powernv: Dump PHB diag-data immediatelyGavin Shan
2014-03-31powerpc/eeh: Handle multiple EEH errorsGavin Shan
2014-03-31powerpc/powernv: Move PHB-diag dump functions aroundGavin Shan
2014-03-31regulator: core: Replace direct ops->disable usageMarkus Pargmann
2014-03-31p54: clamp properly instead of just truncatingDan Carpenter
2014-03-31MIPS: Fix build error seen in some configurationsGuenter Roeck
2014-03-31deb-pkg: Fix cross-building linux-headers packageBen Hutchings
2014-03-31deb-pkg: Fix building for MIPS big-endian or ARM OABIBen Hutchings
2014-03-31perf tools: Fix AAAAARGH64 memory barriersPeter Zijlstra
2014-03-31Fix uses of dma_max_pfn() when converting to a limiting addressRussell King
2014-03-31printk: fix syslog() overflowing user bufferLinus Torvalds
2014-03-31x86: bpf_jit: support negative offsetsAlexei Starovoitov