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2012-03-23Linux 3.0.26v3.0.26Greg Kroah-Hartman
2012-03-23powerpc/pmac: Fix SMP kernels on pre-core99 UP machinesBenjamin Herrenschmidt
2012-03-23iwl3945: fix possible il->txq NULL pointer dereference in delayed worksStanislaw Gruszka
2012-03-23ipv6: Don't dev_hold(dev) in ip6_mc_find_dev_rcu.RongQing.Li
2012-03-23tcp: fix syncookie regressionEric Dumazet
2012-03-23perf tools: Incorrect use of snprintf results in SEGVAnton Blanchard
2012-03-23afs: Remote abort can cause BUG in rxrpc codeAnton Blanchard
2012-03-23afs: Read of file returns EBADMSGAnton Blanchard
2012-03-23nilfs2: fix NULL pointer dereference in nilfs_load_super_block()Ryusuke Konishi
2012-03-19Linux 3.0.25v3.0.25Greg Kroah-Hartman
2012-03-19i2c-algo-bit: Fix spurious SCL timeouts under heavy loadVille Syrjala
2012-03-19hwmon: (w83627ehf) Fix memory leak in probe functionGuenter Roeck
2012-03-19hwmon: (w83627ehf) Fix writing into fan_stop_time for NCT6775F/NCT6776FGuenter Roeck
2012-03-19compat: Re-add missing asm/compat.h include to fix compile breakage on s390Jiri Slaby
2012-03-19sparc32: Add -Av8 to assembler command line.David S. Miller
2012-03-19sfc: Fix assignment of ip_summed for pre-allocated skbsBen Hutchings
2012-03-19Block: use a freezable workqueue for disk-event pollingAlan Stern
2012-03-19block: fix __blkdev_get and add_disk race conditionStanislaw Gruszka
2012-03-19block, sx8: fix pointer math issue getting fw versionDan Carpenter
2012-03-19block: Fix NULL pointer dereference in sd_revalidate_diskJun'ichi Nomura
2012-03-19regulator: Fix setting selector in tps6524x set_voltage functionAxel Lin
2012-03-19compat: Re-add missing asm/compat.h include to fix compile breakage on s390Heiko Carstens
2012-03-19usb: asix: Patch for Sitecom LN-031Joerg Neikes
2012-03-19atl1c: dont use highprio tx queueEric Dumazet
2012-03-19IPv6: Fix not join all-router mcast group when forwarding set.Li Wei
2012-03-19tcp: fix tcp_shift_skb_data() to not shift SACKed data below snd_unaNeal Cardwell
2012-03-19bridge: check return value of ipv6_dev_get_saddr()Ulrich Weber
2012-03-19tcp: don't fragment SACKed skbs in tcp_mark_head_lost()Neal Cardwell
2012-03-19vmxnet3: Fix transport header sizeShreyas Bhatewara
2012-03-19tcp: fix false reordering signal in tcp_shifted_skbNeal Cardwell
2012-03-19ppp: fix 'ppp_mp_reconstruct bad seq' errorsBen McKeegan
2012-03-19ipsec: be careful of non existing mac headersEric Dumazet
2012-03-19neighbour: Fixed race condition at tbl->nhtMichel Machado
2012-03-19acer-wmi: No wifi rfkill on Lenovo machinesIke Panhc
2012-03-19acer-wmi: check wireless capability flag before register rfkillLee, Chun-Yi
2012-03-19acer-wmi: Add wireless quirk for Lenovo 3000 N200Seth Forshee
2012-03-19acer-wmi: support Lenovo ideapad S205 wifi switchLee, Chun-Yi
2012-03-19vfs: fix double put after complete_walk()Miklos Szeredi
2012-03-19vfs: fix return value from do_last()Miklos Szeredi
2012-03-19rt2x00: fix random stallsStanislaw Gruszka
2012-03-19PM / Driver core: leave runtime PM enabled during system shutdownAlan Stern
2012-03-19firewire: core: handle ack_busy when fetching the Config ROMStefan Richter
2012-03-19firewire: cdev: fix 32 bit userland on 64 bit kernel compat corner casesStefan Richter
2012-03-19PCI: ignore pre-1.1 ASPM quirking when ASPM is disabledMatthew Garrett
2012-03-19x86: Derandom delay_tsc for 64 bitThomas Gleixner
2012-03-19aio: fix the "too late munmap()" raceAl Viro
2012-03-19aio: fix io_setup/io_destroy raceAl Viro
2012-03-19ASoC: neo1973: fix neo1973 wm8753 initializationDenis 'GNUtoo' Carikli
2012-03-12Linux 3.0.24v3.0.24Greg Kroah-Hartman
2012-03-12mfd: Fix cs5535 section mismatchChristian Gmeiner