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2002-02-20Preempt support and fix ARM build for thread_info changesRussell King
2002-02-20Compilation fix; missing close paren.Russell King
2002-02-20Add more big endian support to ARM, specifically stat structures andRussell King
2002-02-20Remove some uses of depreciated save_flags_cli() in favour of the moreRussell King
2002-02-20Merge http://linux.bkbits.net/linux-2.5Richard Henderson
2002-02-20Add/remove <linux/config.h> includes as appropriateRussell King
2002-02-20Fixup kdev_t changes in various ARM filesRussell King
2002-02-20Merge k:/home/torvalds/BK/linux-2.5/Ingo Molnar
2002-02-20Fix buglet in ARM string functionsRussell King
2002-02-20Update ARM syscall tables for new xattr functionsRussell King
2002-02-20Correct filename comment in shark specific codeRussell King
2002-02-20Janitor patch for olympic tokenring driver, to replace theMike Phillips
2002-02-20This patch corrects PCI device id in pci_ids.h for Oxford Semi OX16PCI952Ed Vance
2002-02-20Add some missing help texts to drivers/net/Config.help.Steven Cole
2002-02-20Correct typo in pcmcia net drivers help text.Steven Cole
2002-02-20Merge mandrakesoft.com:/spare/vanilla/linus-2.5Jeff Garzik
2002-02-20Update rivafb for kdev_t changes in early 2.5.x series.Miles Lane
2002-02-20Link status detection fix for natsemi net driver.Tim Hockin
2002-02-20usb ov511 driver:Mark McClelland
2002-02-20usb vicam driver:Greg Kroah-Hartman
2002-02-20usb config.help:Greg Kroah-Hartman
2002-02-20uhci.c didn't work well with USB storage. It would tend to stallJohannes Erdfelt
2002-02-19[PATCH] uhci.c, fix pci dma ordering issueJohannes Erdfelt
2002-02-19[PATCH] uhci.c, interrupt unlink in completionJohannes Erdfelt
2002-02-19[PATCH] uhci.c, one more toggle fixJohannes Erdfelt
2002-02-19usb hub:Martin Diehl
2002-02-19usb usb-uhci.c:Greg Kroah-Hartman
2002-02-19usb usb-ohci.c:Greg Kroah-Hartman
2002-02-19usb uhci.c:Greg Kroah-Hartman
2002-02-19Merge kroah.com:/home/greg/linux/BK/main-2.5Greg Kroah-Hartman
2002-02-20Merge new driver for 3Com 3C359 Tokenring Velocity XL adapter.Jeff Garzik
2002-02-20Merge bk://gkernel@bkbits.net/net-drivers-2.5Jeff Garzik
2002-02-19Get rid of non-working and unused "uvirt_to_bus()".Linus Torvalds
2002-02-19Merge rum.normnet.org:/spare/vanilla/linus-2.5Jeff Garzik
2002-02-20Merge k:/home/torvalds/BK/linux-2.5/Ingo Molnar
2002-02-19Merge bk://linuxusb@bkbits.net/linus-2.5Greg Kroah-Hartman
2002-02-19use the following, much more intuitive interface names:Ingo Molnar
2002-02-19- clean up the vmalloc_to_page() interface: no need for any pgd parameter.Ingo Molnar
2002-02-19- fix mapped-pte usage - do not access it after unmapping.Ingo Molnar
2002-02-19Merge hostme.bitkeeper.com:/ua/repos/g/gkernel/linus-2.5Jeff Garzik
2002-02-19- cleanup from Andi Kleen: schedule_tail() does not have to take 'prev' as a ...Ingo Molnar
2002-02-19adds simple support for atomically-mapped PTEs. On highmem systems this enabl...Ingo Molnar
2002-02-19- the new vmalloc_to_page() interface should be used to determine the physica...Ingo Molnar
2002-02-19Merge k:/home/torvalds/BK/linux-2.5/Ingo Molnar
2002-02-19Update versionv2.5.5Linus Torvalds
2002-02-19[PATCH] more smbfs buffer overrun fixesAlexander Viro
2002-02-19Merge bk://ppc.bkbits.net/for-linus-ppcLinus Torvalds
2002-02-19[PATCH] PATCH 2.5.4 i810_audio, bttv, working at all.Doug Ledford
2002-02-19Merge LVM updateLinus Torvalds
2002-02-19[PATCH] LVM fixes.Dave Jones