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2007-09-21Patch name was wrong. Rename patch.rpm- Heo
2007-09-21- patches.drivers/libata-pata_sis-fix-mode-programming: pata_sis:Tejun Heo
2007-09-21- rpm/post.sh: revert last change: during installation and updateOlaf Dabrunz
2007-09-20+- drop patches.arch/ppc-atyfb-force-xtal.patchOlaf Hering
2007-09-20- retrigger build due to autobuild errorBernhard Walle
2007-09-20- Update config files. Revert RTC transition for 10.3 due toBernhard Walle
2007-09-18+- update patches.fixes/aux-at_vector_size.patchOlaf Hering
2007-09-18Fix uncommentAndreas Jaeger
2007-09-18Better explain changeAndreas Jaeger
2007-09-18Disable patches.fixes/aux-at_vector_size.patchAndreas Jaeger
2007-09-17- rpm/post.sh: do not run mkinitrd and bootloader_entry duringOlaf Dabrunz
2007-09-17- patches.drivers/alsa-usb-exclude-1st-slot: Assign USB audioTakashi Iwai
2007-09-17- Update config files: switch HZ to 1000. Bug 310880Sven Dietrich
2007-09-17- patches.rt/user_mad-preempt_rt-workaround.patch:Sven Dietrich
2007-09-17- patches.rt/bug-310620_slab-alternate-node:Sven Dietrich
2007-09-17- Update config files - enable light debugging options for i386 RTSven Dietrich
2007-09-17- patches.drivers/e1000-7.6.5.patch: Update e1000 to 7.6.5Karsten Keil
2007-09-17- Update config files - sync SLERT and openSUSE i386 RTSven Dietrich
2007-09-17 remove silly cosmetic changes ...Olaf Hering
2007-09-17+- add patches.fixes/aux-at_vector_size.patchOlaf Hering
2007-09-14- Update config files: HZ=1000, Performance GovernorSven Dietrich
2007-09-13- rpm/post.sh: run mkinitrd also of bootloader configuration filesBernhard Walle
2007-09-13- patches.arch/acpi_gpe_suspend_cleanup.patch:Thomas Renninger
2007-09-13- Remove unused broken-out RT patches.Sven Dietrich
2007-09-12- patches.drivers/e1000-eeprom-cksum.patch: Delete.Karsten Keil
2007-09-12- patches.rt/: Add 300+ patches from seriesSven Dietrich
2007-09-11- Create SLERT10_BRANCHSven Dietrich
2007-09-11- rpm/post.sh: Don't run mkinitrd during installation (308984)Bernhard Walle
2007-09-11- patches.xen/xen-isa-dma: Suppress all use of ISA DMA on Xen.Jan Beulich
2007-09-11- patches.apparmor/apparmor-log-audit-type.diff: log auditJohn R Johansen
2007-09-10+- add patches.arch/ppc-prom-nodisplay.patchOlaf Hering
2007-09-08Replace private email address with suse address.Andreas Gruenbacher
2007-09-0742-freeze.patchtches.xen/30-bit-field-booleans.patch: Packet loss in DomU -xenCharles Arnold
2007-09-07- patches.suse/bootsplash: Add missing newline at end of logJean Delvare
2007-09-07- Update config files: fix i386/rt{,_debug} and x86_64/rt{,_debug}Bernhard Walle
2007-09-07Fix patch contamination.Tejun Heo
2007-09-07A bunch of libata fixes. Mostly backport of pending fixes forTejun Heo
2007-09-06- Update config files: Switch from CONFIG_RT to CONFIG_GEN_RTCBernhard Walle
2007-09-06- series.conf: add patches.arch/ppc-suse-spe-logo_logo-extern-in-header.diffBernhard Walle
2007-09-06- scripts/run_oldconfig.sh: make -nco-* working again from CVS directoryBernhard Walle
2007-09-05- patches.fixes/acpi_autoload_baydock.patch: bay and dock driverFrank Seidel
2007-09-04- accomodate i386 KDB dependency on xen3-auto-arch-i386.diffSven Dietrich
2007-09-04+- add patches.drivers/libata-scc-ata_link.patchOlaf Hering
2007-09-04- patches.suse/kbd-ignore-gfx.patch: setfont breaks first XserverHannes Reinecke
2007-09-03- scripts/run_oldconfig.sh: fix double use of 'trap'Jan Beulich
2007-09-03- patches.xen/136-pae-vmalloc-sync-all.patch: xen/i386: FixJan Beulich
2007-08-31- Applied rest of fix for not dirtying inode after changing i_modeJeff Mahoney
2007-08-31- rpm/post.sh: don't execute mkinitrd and update-bootloader whenJan Blunck
2007-08-30- ocfs2: Fixed problem where events wouldn't get delivered for allJeff Mahoney
2007-08-30Update kdb patches.Andreas Schwab