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authorMichal Kubecek <mkubecek@suse.cz>2019-08-20 14:13:28 +0200
committerMichal Kubecek <mkubecek@suse.cz>2019-08-20 14:13:28 +0200
commit62d58047ec0ef0356984c31bca296f3b53e32eb5 (patch)
parentd9b846e741442ed19995c697ba2d0fa5bce446d8 (diff)
config: import SLE15-SP1 configs
Replace configs inherited from master branch by proper SLE ones. With few obvious exceptions, the initial SLE15-SP2 configs were created using these rules (for each option, use first rule which applies): - use value explicitly changed with reference to a feature or a bug - use value from SLE15-SP1 if the option exists there - use value from master if the option exists there - use upstream default The configs will need review by people responsible for specific kernel subsystems and architectures. Also update supported.conf with new modules: - add intel_pmc_core_pltdrv as unsupported - fix cfb{copyarea,fillrect,imgblt} path and mark "+base" as virtio-gpu depends on them suse-commit: dded633c56190acf295daa8818c383c48cc99db0
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