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BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
SLE12-SP3powerpc/pseries/mobility: rebuild cacheinfo hierarchyMichal Suchanek12 hours
SLE12-SP3-AZUREMerge branch 'SLE12-SP3' into SLE12-SP3-AZUREKernel Build Daemon14 hours
SLE15watchdog: imx2_wdt: Fix set_timeout for big timeout valuesTakashi Iwai9 hours
SLE15-AZUREMerge branch 'SLE15' into SLE15-AZUREKernel Build Daemon14 hours
SLE15-SP1s390/pci: fix assignment of bus resources (jsc#SLE-5802Petr Tesarik7 hours
masterUpdate to 5.2-rc5Michal Kubecek21 hours
openSUSE-15.0Merge branch 'SLE15' into openSUSE-15.0Takashi Iwai7 hours
openSUSE-42.3Merge branch 'SLE12-SP3' into openSUSE-42.3Kernel Build Daemon14 hours
stable- Linux 5.1.10 (bnc#1012628).Jiri Slaby12 hours
vanillaAutomatically updated to 5.2-rc5Kernel Build Daemon9 hours
v5.2-rc5commit 9e0babf2c0...Linus Torvalds24 hours
v4.14.126commit a74d0e937a...Greg Kroah-Hartman2 days
v4.19.51commit 7aa823a959...Greg Kroah-Hartman2 days
v5.1.10commit 7e1bdd68ff...Greg Kroah-Hartman2 days
v4.4.181commit d7b7345c3a...Greg Kroah-Hartman6 days
v4.9.181commit 3ffb2407c5...Greg Kroah-Hartman6 days
v4.14.125commit 2bf3258a12...Greg Kroah-Hartman6 days
v4.19.50commit 768292d053...Greg Kroah-Hartman6 days
v5.1.9commit 2df16141a2...Greg Kroah-Hartman6 days
rpm-4.12.14-100commit c80d15dc4a...Kernel Build Daemon6 days
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-11-24Linux 4.4.102v4.4.102Greg Kroah-Hartman
2017-11-24mm, hwpoison: fixup "mm: check the return value of lookup_page_ext for all ca...Michal Hocko
2017-11-24Linux 4.4.101v4.4.101Greg Kroah-Hartman
2017-11-24mm/pagewalk.c: report holes in hugetlb rangesJann Horn
2017-11-24mm/page_ext.c: check if page_ext is not preparedJaewon Kim
2017-11-24mm: check the return value of lookup_page_ext for all call sitesYang Shi
2017-11-24coda: fix 'kernel memory exposure attempt' in fsyncJan Harkes
2017-11-24mm/page_alloc.c: broken deferred calculationPavel Tatashin
2017-11-24ipmi: fix unsigned long underflowCorey Minyard
2017-11-24ocfs2: should wait dio before inode lock in ocfs2_setattr()alex chen