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44 hoursMerge branch 'SLE15' into SLE15-AZURESLE15-AZUREKernel Build Daemon
2 daysUpdate config files: correct vanilla configsSLE15Takashi Iwai
2 daysMerge branch 'users/palcantara/SLE15/for-next' into SLE15Takashi Iwai
Pull CIFS updates from Paulo Alcantara
2 daysblacklist.conf: Add 33da8e7c814f ("signal: Allow cifs and drbd to receive ↵Paulo Alcantara
their terminating signals")
2 daysSMB3: Kernel oops mounting a encryptData share withPaulo Alcantara
2 dayssmb3: send CAP_DFS capability during session setupPaulo Alcantara
2 daysSMB3: Fix potential memory leak when processing compound chainPaulo Alcantara
2 daysSMB3: Fix deadlock in validate negotiate hits reconnectPaulo Alcantara
2 dayscifs: fix rmmod regression in cifs.ko caused by force_sigPaulo Alcantara
changes (bsc#1144333).
2 dayscifs: update internal module number (bsc#1144333).Paulo Alcantara
2 dayscifs: flush before set-info if we have writeable handles (bsc#1144333).Paulo Alcantara
2 dayssmb3: optimize open to not send query file internal info (bsc#1144333).Paulo Alcantara
2 daysCIFS: fix deadlock in cached root handling (bsc#1144333).Paulo Alcantara
2 dayssmb3: smbdirect no longer experimental (bsc#1144333).Paulo Alcantara
2 dayscifs: fix crash in smb2_compound_op()/smb2_set_next_command() (bsc#1144333).Paulo Alcantara
2 dayscifs: fix crash in cifs_dfs_do_automount (bsc#1144333).Paulo Alcantara
2 dayscifs: fix parsing of symbolic link error response (bsc#1144333).Paulo Alcantara
2 dayscifs: refactor and clean up arguments in the reparse point parsing ↵Paulo Alcantara
2 daysSMB3: query inode number on open via create context (bsc#1144333).Paulo Alcantara
2 dayssmb3: Send netname context during negotiate protocol (bsc#1144333).Paulo Alcantara
2 dayssmb3: do not send compression info by default (bsc#1144333).Paulo Alcantara
2 dayssmb3: add new mount option to retrieve mode from special ACE (bsc#1144333).Paulo Alcantara
2 dayssmb3: Allow query of symlinks stored as reparse points (bsc#1144333).Paulo Alcantara
2 dayscifs: Fix a race condition with cifs_echo_request (bsc#1144333).Paulo Alcantara
2 dayscifs: always add credits back for unsolicited PDUs (bsc#1144333).Paulo Alcantara
2 daysfs: cifs: cifsssmb: Change return type of convert_ace_to_cifs_ace (bsc#1144333).Paulo Alcantara
2 daysadd some missing definitions (bsc#1144333).Paulo Alcantara
2 dayscifs: fix typo in debug message with struct field ia_valid (bsc#1144333).Paulo Alcantara
2 dayssmb3: minor cleanup of compound_send_recv (bsc#1144333).Paulo Alcantara
2 daysCIFS: Fix module dependency (bsc#1144333).Paulo Alcantara
2 days- cifs: simplify code by removing CONFIG_CIFS_ACL ifdef (bsc#1144333). - ↵Paulo Alcantara
Update config files.
2 dayscifs: Fix check for matching with existing mount (bsc#1144333).Paulo Alcantara
2 dayscifs: Properly handle auto disabling of serverino option (bsc#1144333).Paulo Alcantara
2 dayssmb3: if max_credits is specified then display it in /proc/mounts (bsc#1144333).Paulo Alcantara
2 daysFix match_server check to allow for auto dialect negotiate (bsc#1144333).Paulo Alcantara
2 dayscifs: add missing GCM module dependency (bsc#1144333).Paulo Alcantara
2 daysSMB3.1.1: Add GCM crypto to the encrypt and decrypt functions (bsc#1144333).Paulo Alcantara
2 daysSMB3: Add SMB3.1.1 GCM to negotiated crypto algorigthms (bsc#1144333).Paulo Alcantara
2 daysfs: cifs: Drop unlikely before IS_ERR(_OR_NULL) (bsc#1144333).Paulo Alcantara
2 dayscifs: Use kmemdup in SMB2_ioctl_init() (bsc#1144333).Paulo Alcantara
2 dayscifs: fix crash querying symlinks stored as reparse-points (bsc#1144333).Paulo Alcantara
2 daystreewide: Replace GPLv2 boilerplate/reference with SPDX - rule 231 ↵Paulo Alcantara
2 dayscifs: fix GlobalMid_Lock bug in cifs_reconnect (bsc#1144333).Paulo Alcantara
2 daysSMB3: retry on STATUS_INSUFFICIENT_RESOURCES instead of failing write ↵Paulo Alcantara
2 dayscifs: add spinlock for the openFileList to cifsInodeInfo (bsc#1144333).Paulo Alcantara
2 dayscifs: fix panic in smb2_reconnect (bsc#1144333).Paulo Alcantara
2 daysCIFS: cifs_read_allocate_pages: don't iterate through whole page array on ↵Paulo Alcantara
ENOMEM (bsc#1144333).
2 daysdfs_cache: fix a wrong use of kfree in flush_cache_ent() (bsc#1144333).Paulo Alcantara
2 daysfs/cifs/smb2pdu.c: fix buffer free in SMB2_ioctl_free (bsc#1144333).Paulo Alcantara
2 dayscifs: fix memory leak of pneg_inbuf on -EOPNOTSUPP ioctl case (bsc#1144333).Paulo Alcantara