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BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
SLE12-SP4Merge branch 'SLE15' into SLE12-SP4Kernel Build Daemon4 weeks
SLE12-SP4-AZUREMerge branch 'SLE12-SP4' into SLE12-SP4-AZUREKernel Build Daemon4 weeks
SLE15RefreshQu Wenruo4 weeks
SLE15-AZUREMerge branch 'SLE15' into SLE15-AZUREKernel Build Daemon4 weeks
SLE15-SP2series.conf: refreshMichal Kubecek3 weeks
SLE15-SP2-AZUREMerge branch 'SLE15-SP2' into SLE15-SP2-AZUREKernel Build Daemon3 weeks
masterUpdate to 5.5-rc3Michal Kubecek4 weeks
openSUSE-15.2Merge branch 'SLE15-SP2' into openSUSE-15.2Michal Kubecek3 weeks
stableLinux 5.4.6 (bnc#1012628).Jiri Slaby4 weeks
vanillaAutomatically updated to 5.5-rc3-62-gbf8d1cd43865Kernel Build Daemon3 weeks
rpm-4.12.14-122.12commit 6c5578e2f7...Kernel Build Daemon3 weeks
rpm-4.12.14-122.12--sle12-sp5-updatescommit 6c5578e2f7...Kernel Build Daemon3 weeks
rpm-4.12.14-150.47commit 8162e252ce...Kernel Build Daemon4 weeks
rpm-4.12.14-150.47--sle15-updatescommit 8162e252ce...Kernel Build Daemon4 weeks
rpm-4.12.14-95.45commit 12c818025f...Kernel Build Daemon4 weeks
rpm-4.12.14-95.45--sle12-sp4-updatescommit 12c818025f...Kernel Build Daemon4 weeks
rpm-4.12.14-8.22commit 712844db2b...Kernel Build Daemon4 weeks
rpm-4.12.14-8.22--sle15-sp1-updatescommit 712844db2b...Kernel Build Daemon4 weeks
rpm-4.12.14-6.34commit 1b873ffba1...Kernel Build Daemon5 weeks
rpm-4.12.14-197.29commit ca2571141d...Kernel Build Daemon5 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2011-10-13series.conf: really apply all hv_mouse patchesrpm-3.1.rc9-1--openSUSE-12.1-RC1rpm-3.1.rc9-1Olaf Hering
2011-10-12- Various updates for hv drivers, which fix also the hv_mouse driverOlaf Hering
2011-10-12SUSE-bootsplash: Don't crash when splash is turned off.Egbert Eich
2011-10-11drm/radeon/kms: Fix I2C mask definitions (bnc#712023).Jean Delvare
2011-10-07Merge branch 'scripts'Michal Marek
2011-10-07- Update Xen patches to 3.1-rc9 and c/s 1116.Jan Beulich
2011-10-07Update scripts/mainline-commit to match new git tree locationsHannes Reinecke
2011-10-05- patches.suse/supported-flag: Also look for Module.supported in theJan Beulich
2011-10-05- Update to 3.1-rc9.Jeff Mahoney
2011-10-03- Update to 3.1-rc8.Jeff Mahoney