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2019-03-12Bump up the version number in spec fileSLE12-SP3_Update_21Miroslav Benes
2019-03-11Merge branch 'bsc#1128378_12.2u20-27_12.3u10-23' into SLE12-SP3_Update_21Nicolai Stange
2019-03-08Fix for CVE-2019-9213 ("mm: enforce min addr even if capable() in expand_down...Nicolai Stange
2019-03-06Merge branch 'bsc#1124734_12.3u16-22' into SLE12-SP3_Update_21Nicolai Stange
2019-03-06Fix for CVE-2019-7221 ("KVM: nVMX: use-after-free of the hrtimer for emulatio...Nicolai Stange
2019-03-06Merge branch 'bsc#1124729_12.3u10-22' into SLE12-SP3_Update_21Nicolai Stange
2019-02-14Fix for CVE-2019-6974 ("KVM: potential use-after-free via kvm_ioctl_create_de...Nicolai Stange
2019-01-29Bump up the version number in spec fileMiroslav Benes
2019-01-28Merge branch 'bsc#1122233_12.3u13-22' into SLE12-SP3_Update_21Nicolai Stange
2019-01-18Merge branch 'bsc#1119947_12.3' into SLE12-SP3_Update_21Miroslav Benes
2019-01-18Fix for bsc#1122233 ("Console say "shutdown reached" but server don't reboot ...Nicolai Stange
2019-01-17Fix for CVE-2018-16884 ("nfs4: use-after-free in svc_process_common()")Nicolai Stange
2018-12-11Merge branch 'master' into master-kgraftMiroslav Benes
2018-12-11uname_patch: don't hold uts_sem while accessing userspace memoryHEADmasterMiroslav Benes
2018-10-26Update IBS_PROJECT to correct maintenance incident after initial submissionMiroslav Benes
2018-10-25New branch for SLE12-SP3_Update_21Miroslav Benes
2018-10-02scripts/tar-up.sh: Add ppc64le to ExclusiveArch even for SLE12-SP2Miroslav Benes
2018-08-09Provide common kallsyms wrapper APINicolai Stange
2018-05-14Merge branch 'master' into master-kgraftMiroslav Benes
2018-05-14scrips/create-makefile.sh: add support for assembly filesNicolai Stange
2018-03-07shadow variables: allow for dynamic initializationNicolai Stange
2017-12-05uname_patch: fix UNAME26 for 4.0Miroslav Benes
2017-12-04Revert "Add compat.h to deal with changes of KGR_PATCH macro"Miroslav Benes
2017-11-30scripts: Generate ExclusiveArch in spec file dynamicallyMiroslav Benes
2017-11-23shadow variables: add KGR_SHADOW_ID helperNicolai Stange
2017-11-23shadow variables: share shadow data among KGraft modulesNicolai Stange
2017-11-23shadow variables: drop EXPORT_SYMBOL()sNicolai Stange
2017-11-23shadow variables: introduce upstream patchNicolai Stange
2017-11-16rpm/kgraft-patch.spec: Add ppc64le as a supported archMiroslav Benes
2017-11-16rpm/kgraft-patch.spec: Remove s390x from supported archsMiroslav Benes
2017-06-14scripts/register-patches.sh: register subpatch sources in rpm specNicolai Stange
2017-06-14scripts/register-patches.sh: don't add ','s to @@KGR_PATCHES_FUNCS@@Nicolai Stange
2017-06-08scripts: create kgr_patch_main.c dynamicallyNicolai Stange
2017-04-24Replace $(PWD) with $(CURDIR) in MakefileMiroslav Benes
2017-04-19Create Makefile automaticallyMiroslav Benes
2016-10-24Better to use SUSE:SLE-12:Update than Devel:kGraft:SLE12 projectMiroslav Benes
2016-05-10Add compat.h to deal with changes of KGR_PATCH macroMiroslav Benes
2016-05-06Fix the number of parameters of KGR_PATCH macroMiroslav Benes
2015-09-01Include the RPM version number in the module nameMichal Marek
2015-08-26Remove forgotten debug option in the MakefileMiroslav Benes
2015-08-18Add license and copyright noticesMiroslav Benes
2015-07-15Remove immediate flagMiroslav Benes
2015-05-20Set immediate flag to falseMiroslav Benes
2015-05-12Fix description in rpm spec fileMiroslav Benes
2015-04-01Generate archives names automatically in tar-up.shMiroslav Benes
2015-04-01Automatically generate .changes file from git logMiroslav Benes
2015-03-26Revert "Require exact kernel version in the patch"Michal Marek
2015-03-25Require exact kernel version in the patchMichal Marek
2015-03-24Add the git commit and branch to the package descriptionMichal Marek
2014-11-26Set immediate flag for the initial patchMiroslav Benes