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2 days- Linux 4.19.9 (bnc#1012628).stableJiri Slaby
3 daysLinux 4.19.9v4.19.9Greg Kroah-Hartman
3 daysHID: quirks: fix RetroUSB.com devicesNic Soudée
3 daysmac80211: ignore NullFunc frames in the duplicate detectionEmmanuel Grumbach
3 daysmac80211: fix reordering of buffered broadcast packetsFelix Fietkau
3 daysmac80211: ignore tx status for PS stations in ieee80211_tx_status_extFelix Fietkau
3 daysmac80211: Clear beacon_int in ieee80211_do_stopBen Greear
3 daysmac80211: fix GFP_KERNEL under tasklet contextYan-Hsuan Chuang
3 daysmac80211_hwsim: Timer should be initialized before device registeredVasyl Vavrychuk
3 dayscfg80211: Fix busy loop regression in ieee80211_ie_split_ric()Jouni Malinen
3 dayslibnvdimm, pfn: Pad pfn namespaces relative to other regionsDan Williams
3 dayskgdboc: fix KASAN global-out-of-bounds bug in param_set_kgdboc_var()Macpaul Lin
3 daysgnss: sirf: fix activation retry handlingJohan Hovold
3 daystty: do not set TTY_IO_ERROR flag if console portChanho Park
3 daystty: serial: 8250_mtk: always resume the device in probe.Peter Shih
3 daysDrivers: hv: vmbus: Offload the handling of channels to two workqueuesDexuan Cui
3 daysx86/efi: Allocate e820 buffer before calling efi_exit_boot_serviceEric Snowberg
3 dayskprobes/x86: Fix instruction patching corruption when copying more than one R...Masami Hiramatsu
3 daysdrm/i915: Downgrade Gen9 Plane WM latency errorChris Wilson
3 daysdrm/amdgpu/gmc8: always load MC firmware in the driverAlex Deucher
3 daysdrm/amdgpu/gmc8: update MC firmware for polarisAlex Deucher
3 daysdrm/msm: Move fence put to where failure occursRobert Foss
3 daysdrm/lease: Send a distinct ueventDaniel Vetter
3 daysdrm/amdgpu: update mc firmware image for polaris12 variantsJunwei Zhang
3 dayscrypto: do not free algorithm before usingPan Bian
3 daysRevert commit ef9209b642f "staging: rtl8723bs: Fix indenting errors and an of...Young Xiao
3 daysstaging: rtl8712: Fix possible buffer overrunYoung Xiao
3 dayscifs: Fix separator when building path from dentryPaulo Alcantara
3 daysRevert "x86/e820: put !E820_TYPE_RAM regions into memblock.reserved"Masayoshi Mizuma
3 daysarm64: dts: rockchip: remove vdd_log from rock960 to fix a stability issuesSasha Levin
3 daysxhci: Prevent U1/U2 link pm states if exit latency is too longMathias Nyman
3 daysxhci: workaround CSS timeout on AMD SNPS 3.0 xHCSandeep Singh
3 daysARM: 8806/1: kprobes: Fix false positive with FORTIFY_SOURCEKees Cook
3 daysdmaengine: cppi41: delete channel from pending list when stop channelBin Liu
3 daysdmaengine: imx-sdma: use GFP_NOWAIT for dma descriptor allocationsLucas Stach
3 daysdmaengine: imx-sdma: implement channel termination via workerLucas Stach
3 daysRevert "dmaengine: imx-sdma: alloclate bd memory from dma pool"Lucas Stach
3 daysRevert "dmaengine: imx-sdma: Use GFP_NOWAIT for dma allocations"Lucas Stach
3 daysdmaengine: dw: Fix FIFO size for Intel MerrifieldAndy Shevchenko
3 daysSUNRPC: Fix leak of krb5p encode pagesChuck Lever
3 daysarm64: hibernate: Avoid sending cross-calling with interrupts disabledWill Deacon
3 daysvhost/vsock: fix use-after-free in network stack callersStefan Hajnoczi
3 daysvirtio/s390: fix race in ccw_io_helper()Halil Pasic
3 daysvirtio/s390: avoid race on vcdev->configHalil Pasic
3 daysparisc: Enable -ffunction-sections for modules on 32-bit kernelHelge Deller
3 daysRevert "mfd: cros_ec: Use devm_kzalloc for private data"Enric Balletbo i Serra
3 daysmedia: dvb-pll: don't re-validate tuner frequenciesMauro Carvalho Chehab
3 daysmedia: dvb-pll: fix tuner frequency rangesMauro Carvalho Chehab
3 daysmedia: vicodec: fix memchr() kernel oopsHans Verkuil
3 daysmedia: gspca: fix frame overflow errorHans Verkuil