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26 hoursMerge branch 'SLE12-SP3' into openSUSE-42.3openSUSE-42.3Takashi Iwai
suse-commit: 39f51ac2073ba363a5fd1f3e6781f4c58f22b3c1
38 hoursMerge branch 'users/ddiss/SLE12-SP3/for-next' into SLE12-SP3Takashi Iwai
Pull target fixes from David Disseldorp (bsc#1095805) suse-commit: daacf1d67cab4f55cb364c9d71d42f4ab7983e34
38 hourstarget: stash sess_err_stats on Data-Out timeout (bsc#1095805).David Disseldorp
suse-commit: 57a1d150595329796842a891f9f868689f05e0cb
39 hourstarget: split out helper for cxn timeout error stashingDavid Disseldorp
(bsc#1095805). suse-commit: a67bc85e444d752cefb6ae87fa567e1533353693
39 hourstarget: log NOP ping timeouts as errors (bsc#1095805).David Disseldorp
suse-commit: 689ba7a8af1f20044f85ad12ffd0e6dde33a5ccf
39 hourstarget: log Data-Out timeouts as errors (bsc#1095805).David Disseldorp
suse-commit: 7293cf64ab0b9759e793c97c13bb20ac57451878
39 hourstarget: use ISCSI_IQN_LEN in iscsi_target_stat (bsc#1095805).David Disseldorp
suse-commit: f1dc7718b295cd62d212ee11bfa4ec390a0327d7
42 hoursblacklist.conf: code cleanupOliver Neukum
suse-commit: f7a5682c7308d7b3ab43a77a15764478feb837a2
42 hoursblacklist.conf: our compiler is npot affectedOliver Neukum
suse-commit: 4eb29279e5d720198a8e827b5b2d3ba1fbfc50ff
42 hoursmedia: omap_vout: Fix a possible null pointer dereference inOliver Neukum
omap_vout_open() (bsc#1050431). suse-commit: 69624ab8e1cb6445d05d52b2167af69095916f97
42 hoursblacklist.conf: removal of code for an unneeded quirkOliver Neukum
suse-commit: 6303fa74cb74faa6d054bc77e13a16ddd1d34e5d
42 hoursblacklist.conf: falsely attributedOliver Neukum
suse-commit: 3a35664d5ccb0e91e5ccd956f903fff8a7d12e94
42 hoursblacklist.conf: would break kABIOliver Neukum
suse-commit: a4882480541e2a5317e087bda882121c2e61e6c1
42 hoursblacklist.conf: pure optimizationOliver Neukum
suse-commit: 4ae9e37544f2e730bcb54e5bb571fa31e1f31d4a
42 hoursmedia: videobuf-dma-sg: Fix dma_{sync,unmap}_sg() callsOliver Neukum
(bsc#1050431). suse-commit: 31512e1a98c4b35a6a98c092274af2d74790f071
46 hoursx86/entry/64: Clear registers for exceptions/interrupts,Jessica Yu
to reduce speculation attack surface (bsc#1105931). suse-commit: 710099c5e40b086b621349742319755710ec8374
46 hoursx86/entry/64: sanitize extra registers on syscall entryJessica Yu
(bsc#1105931). suse-commit: 83af07d0d472efd5248fe22fef7c75aaaad9a704
2 daysMerge branch 'SLE12-SP3' into openSUSE-42.3Takashi Iwai
suse-commit: 2859e53cd808eaf3bf370fd709440dd0444214e4
3 daysixgbe: pci_set_drvdata must be called before register_netdevJeff Mahoney
(Git-fixes bsc#1109923). suse-commit: 688bfab50cb0054d7c435d394490378394dcaf6c
3 daysbtrfs: fix missing error return in btrfs_drop_snapshotJeff Mahoney
(Git-fixes bsc#1109919). suse-commit: 095acf1202d76e2bb71983651691b5090e82916e
3 daysmm: /proc/pid/pagemap: hide swap entries from unprivileged usersJeff Mahoney
(Git-fixes bsc#1109907). suse-commit: ab67af394b45a51c03bb169e9211c074b7a470fe
3 daysconfig.sh: set BUGZILLA_PRODUCT for SLE12-SP3Jeff Mahoney
suse-commit: 7156570fd41bb5eda08b878dd13fbef66e7e03cc
3 daysblacklist.conf: add db78c22230d0 mm: fix pfn_t vs highmemJeff Mahoney
suse-commit: 8986b34ff36cc7c52758e7f0d40d5057f0fea561
3 daysblacklist.conf: add d77a117e6871 list: kill list_force_poison()Jeff Mahoney
suse-commit: 17746807d0212d4bed4b9a64d7e845d26ee87f37
3 daysblacklist.conf: 6a25478077d9 gfs2: Use rhashtable walk interface in ↵Jeff Mahoney
glock_hash_walk suse-commit: 9be81dc00941a482198651849cd80165e36dda91
3 daysMerge branch 'cve/linux-4.4' into SLE12-SP3Jiri Slaby
suse-commit: 80712f4500e966a32a2d2d5dfb5676fae90eb335
3 daysn_tty: fix EXTPROC vs ICANON interaction with TIOCINQ (akaJiri Slaby
FIONREAD) (bnc#1012382 CVE-2018-18386). suse-commit: 7d3c6375af00e4d84fb5b082fc47cc097f5d086c
3 daysMerge branch 'users/lhenriques/SLE12-SP3/for-next' into SLE12-SP3Takashi Iwai
Pull ceph fix from Luis Henriques (bsc#1112007) suse-commit: 63cc8a2a1238f41716ff48d2542c237d3f135210
3 dayswlcore: Fix memory leak in wlcore_cmd_wait_for_event_or_timeoutJiri Slaby
(git-fixes). suse-commit: e508c1649cf111dee17c6356c486bc424fdc7c30
3 days- Linux 4.4.161 (bnc#1012382).Jiri Slaby
- mm/vmstat.c: skip NR_TLB_REMOTE_FLUSH* properly (bnc#1012382). - fbdev/omapfb: fix omapfb_memory_read infoleak (bnc#1012382). - PCI: Reprogram bridge prefetch registers on resume (bnc#1012382). - mac80211: fix setting IEEE80211_KEY_FLAG_RX_MGMT for AP mode keys (bnc#1012382). - PM / core: Clear the direct_complete flag on errors (bnc#1012382). - dm cache: fix resize crash if user doesn't reload cache table (bnc#1012382). - xhci: Add missing CAS workaround for Intel Sunrise Point xHCI (bnc#1012382). - USB: serial: simple: add Motorola Tetra MTP6550 id (bnc#1012382). - of: unittest: Disable interrupt node tests for old world MAC systems (bnc#1012382). - cgroup: Fix deadlock in cpu hotplug path (bnc#1012382). - ath10k: fix use-after-free in ath10k_wmi_cmd_send_nowait (bnc#1012382). - ARC: clone syscall to setp r25 as thread pointer (bnc#1012382). - ucma: fix a use-after-free in ucma_resolve_ip() (bnc#1012382). - ubifs: Check for name being NULL while mounting (bnc#1012382). - tcp: increment sk_drops for dropped rx packets (bnc#1012382). - tcp: use an RB tree for ooo receive queue (bnc#1012382). - tcp: fix a stale ooo_last_skb after a replace (bnc#1012382). - tcp: free batches of packets in tcp_prune_ofo_queue() (bnc#1012382). - tcp: call tcp_drop() from tcp_data_queue_ofo() (bnc#1012382). - tcp: add tcp_ooo_try_coalesce() helper (bnc#1012382). - ath10k: fix scan crash due to incorrect length calculation (bnc#1012382). - ebtables: arpreply: Add the standard target sanity check (bnc#1012382). - Revert "tcp: add tcp_ooo_try_coalesce() helper" (kabi). - Revert "tcp: call tcp_drop() from tcp_data_queue_ofo()" (kabi). - Revert "tcp: free batches of packets in tcp_prune_ofo_queue()" (kabi). - Revert "tcp: fix a stale ooo_last_skb after a replace" (kabi). - Revert "tcp: use an RB tree for ooo receive queue" (kabi). - Refresh patches.arch/powerpc-fadump-reuse-crashkernel-parameter-to-reserve-memory.patch. - Refresh patches.drivers/0001-usb-xhci-add-a-quirk-bit-for-ssic-port-unused.patch. - Refresh patches.suse/x86-vdso-Enable-vdso-pvclock-access-on-all-vdso-variants.patch. suse-commit: f99cab92aa4b002419e0db316472dc0bc02477f3
3 days- Linux 4.4.160 (bnc#1012382).Jiri Slaby
- crypto: skcipher - Fix -Wstringop-truncation warnings (bnc#1012382). - tsl2550: fix lux1_input error in low light (bnc#1012382). - vmci: type promotion bug in qp_host_get_user_memory() (bnc#1012382). - x86/numa_emulation: Fix emulated-to-physical node mapping (bnc#1012382). - staging: rts5208: fix missing error check on call to rtsx_write_register (bnc#1012382). - uwb: hwa-rc: fix memory leak at probe (bnc#1012382). - power: vexpress: fix corruption in notifier registration (bnc#1012382). - Bluetooth: Add a new Realtek 8723DE ID 0bda:b009 (bnc#1012382). - USB: serial: kobil_sct: fix modem-status error handling (bnc#1012382). - 6lowpan: iphc: reset mac_header after decompress to fix panic (bnc#1012382). - md-cluster: clear another node's suspend_area after the copy is finished (bnc#1012382). - media: exynos4-is: Prevent NULL pointer dereference in __isp_video_try_fmt() (bnc#1012382). - powerpc/kdump: Handle crashkernel memory reservation failure (bnc#1012382). - media: fsl-viu: fix error handling in viu_of_probe() (bnc#1012382). - x86/tsc: Add missing header to tsc_msr.c (bnc#1012382). - x86/entry/64: Add two more instruction suffixes (bnc#1012382). - scsi: target/iscsi: Make iscsit_ta_authentication() respect the output buffer size (bnc#1012382). - scsi: klist: Make it safe to use klists in atomic context (bnc#1012382). - scsi: ibmvscsi: Improve strings handling (bnc#1012382). - usb: wusbcore: security: cast sizeof to int for comparison (bnc#1012382). - s390/extmem: fix gcc 8 stringop-overflow warning (bnc#1012382). - media: s3c-camif: ignore -ENOIOCTLCMD from v4l2_subdev_call for s_power (bnc#1012382). - media: soc_camera: ov772x: correct setting of banding filter (bnc#1012382). - media: omap3isp: zero-initialize the isp cam_xclk{a,b} initial data (bnc#1012382). - staging: android: ashmem: Fix mmap size validation (bnc#1012382). - drivers/tty: add error handling for pcmcia_loop_config (bnc#1012382). - media: tm6000: add error handling for dvb_register_adapter (bnc#1012382). - ALSA: hda: Add AZX_DCAPS_PM_RUNTIME for AMD Raven Ridge (bnc#1012382). - ath10k: protect ath10k_htt_rx_ring_free with rx_ring.lock (bnc#1012382). - rndis_wlan: potential buffer overflow in rndis_wlan_auth_indication() (bnc#1012382). - wlcore: Add missing PM call for wlcore_cmd_wait_for_event_or_timeout() (bnc#1012382). - ARM: mvebu: declare asm symbols as character arrays in pmsu.c (bnc#1012382). - HID: hid-ntrig: add error handling for sysfs_create_group (bnc#1012382). - scsi: bnx2i: add error handling for ioremap_nocache (bnc#1012382). - ASoC: dapm: Fix potential DAI widget pointer deref when linking DAIs (bnc#1012382). - module: exclude SHN_UNDEF symbols from kallsyms api (bnc#1012382). - nfsd: fix corrupted reply to badly ordered compound (bnc#1012382). - ARM: dts: dra7: fix DCAN node addresses (bnc#1012382). - floppy: Do not copy a kernel pointer to user memory in FDGETPRM ioctl (bnc#1012382). - serial: cpm_uart: return immediately from console poll (bnc#1012382). - spi: tegra20-slink: explicitly enable/disable clock (bnc#1012382). - spi: sh-msiof: Fix invalid SPI use during system suspend (bnc#1012382). - spi: sh-msiof: Fix handling of write value for SISTR register (bnc#1012382). - spi: rspi: Fix invalid SPI use during system suspend (bnc#1012382). - spi: rspi: Fix interrupted DMA transfers (bnc#1012382). - USB: fix error handling in usb_driver_claim_interface() (bnc#1012382). - USB: handle NULL config in usb_find_alt_setting() (bnc#1012382). - slub: make ->cpu_partial unsigned int (bnc#1012382). - media: uvcvideo: Support realtek's UVC 1.5 device (bnc#1012382). - USB: usbdevfs: sanitize flags more (bnc#1012382). - USB: usbdevfs: restore warning for nonsensical flags (bnc#1012382). - Revert "usb: cdc-wdm: Fix a sleep-in-atomic-context bug in service_outstanding_interrupt()" (bnc#1012382). - USB: remove LPM management from usb_driver_claim_interface() (bnc#1012382). - Input: elantech - enable middle button of touchpad on ThinkPad P72 (bnc#1012382). - IB/srp: Avoid that sg_reset -d ${srp_device} triggers an infinite loop (bnc#1012382). - serial: imx: restore handshaking irq for imx1 (bnc#1012382). - arm64: KVM: Tighten guest core register access from userspace (bnc#1012382). - thermal: of-thermal: disable passive polling when thermal zone is disabled (bnc#1012382). - net: hns: fix length and page_offset overflow when CONFIG_ARM64_64K_PAGES (bnc#1012382). - e1000: check on netif_running() before calling e1000_up() (bnc#1012382). - e1000: ensure to free old tx/rx rings in set_ringparam() (bnc#1012382). - hwmon: (ina2xx) fix sysfs shunt resistor read access (bnc#1012382). - hwmon: (adt7475) Make adt7475_read_word() return errors (bnc#1012382). - i2c: i801: Allow ACPI AML access I/O ports not reserved for SMBus (bnc#1012382). - arm64: cpufeature: Track 32bit EL0 support (FATE#320512 bnc#1012382). - arm64: KVM: Sanitize PSTATE.M when being set from userspace (bnc#1012382). - media: v4l: event: Prevent freeing event subscriptions while accessed (bnc#1012382). - KVM: PPC: Book3S HV: Don't truncate HPTE index in xlate function (bnc#1012382). - mac80211: correct use of IEEE80211_VHT_CAP_RXSTBC_X (bnc#1012382). - mac80211_hwsim: correct use of IEEE80211_VHT_CAP_RXSTBC_X (bnc#1012382). - gpio: adp5588: Fix sleep-in-atomic-context bug (bnc#1012382). - mac80211: mesh: fix HWMP sequence numbering to follow standard (bnc#1012382). - cfg80211: nl80211_update_ft_ies() to validate NL80211_ATTR_IE (bnc#1012382). - RAID10 BUG_ON in raise_barrier when force is true and conf->barrier is 0 (bnc#1012382). - i2c: uniphier: issue STOP only for last message or I2C_M_STOP (bnc#1012382). - i2c: uniphier-f: issue STOP only for last message or I2C_M_STOP (bnc#1012382). - net: cadence: Fix a sleep-in-atomic-context bug in macb_halt_tx() (bnc#1012382). - fs/cifs: don't translate SFM_SLASH (U+F026) to backslash (bnc#1012382). - cfg80211: fix a type issue in ieee80211_chandef_to_operating_class() (bnc#1012382). - mac80211: fix a race between restart and CSA flows (bnc#1012382). - mac80211: Fix station bandwidth setting after channel switch (bnc#1012382). - mac80211: shorten the IBSS debug messages (bnc#1012382). - tools/vm/slabinfo.c: fix sign-compare warning (bnc#1012382). - tools/vm/page-types.c: fix "defined but not used" warning (bnc#1012382). - mm: madvise(MADV_DODUMP): allow hugetlbfs pages (bnc#1012382). - usb: gadget: fotg210-udc: Fix memory leak of fotg210->ep[i] (bnc#1012382). - perf probe powerpc: Ignore SyS symbols irrespective of endianness (bnc#1012382). - RDMA/ucma: check fd type in ucma_migrate_id() (bnc#1012382). - USB: yurex: Check for truncation in yurex_read() (bnc#1012382). - drm/nouveau/TBDdevinit: don't fail when PMU/PRE_OS is missing from VBIOS (bnc#1012382). - fs/cifs: suppress a string overflow warning (bnc#1012382). - dm thin metadata: try to avoid ever aborting transactions (bnc#1012382). - arch/hexagon: fix kernel/dma.c build warning (bnc#1012382). - hexagon: modify ffs() and fls() to return int (bnc#1012382). - arm64: jump_label.h: use asm_volatile_goto macro instead of "asm goto" (bnc#1012382). - r8169: Clear RTL_FLAG_TASK_*_PENDING when clearing RTL_FLAG_TASK_ENABLED (bnc#1012382). - s390/qeth: don't dump past end of unknown HW header (bnc#1012382). - cifs: read overflow in is_valid_oplock_break() (bnc#1012382). - xen/manage: don't complain about an empty value in control/sysrq node (bnc#1012382). - xen: avoid crash in disable_hotplug_cpu (bnc#1012382 bsc#1106594 bsc#1042422). - xen: fix GCC warning and remove duplicate EVTCHN_ROW/EVTCHN_COL usage (bnc#1012382). - smb2: fix missing files in root share directory listing (bnc#1012382). - ALSA: hda/realtek - Cannot adjust speaker's volume on Dell XPS 27 7760 (bnc#1012382). - crypto: mxs-dcp - Fix wait logic on chan threads (bnc#1012382). - proc: restrict kernel stack dumps to root (bnc#1012382). - ocfs2: fix locking for res->tracking and dlm->tracking_list (bnc#1012382). - dm thin metadata: fix __udivdi3 undefined on 32-bit (bnc#1012382). - Revert "proc: restrict kernel stack dumps to root" (kabi). - Revert "media: v4l: event: Prevent freeing event subscriptions while accessed" (kabi). - kABI: protect struct hnae_desc_cb (kabi). - Refresh patches.arch/0001-arm64-cpufeature-Change-read_cpuid-to-use-sysreg-s-m.patch. - Refresh patches.arch/0003-arm64-kernel-Add-support-for-User-Access-Override.patch. - Refresh patches.arch/0005-arm64-kernel-Don-t-toggle-PAN-on-systems-with-UAO.patch. - Refresh patches.arch/0056-arm64-capabilities-Handle-sign-of-the-feature-bit.patch. - Refresh patches.arch/0061-arm64-Add-helpers-for-detecting-AArch32-support-at-E.patch. - Refresh patches.arch/0062-arm64-make-mrs_s-prefixing-implicit-in-read_cpuid.patch. - Refresh patches.arch/arm64-0002-arm64-Implement-IPI-based-TLB-invalidation.patch. - Refresh patches.arch/arm64-prefetch-add-alternative-pattern-for-CPUs-with.patch. - Refresh patches.drivers/0004-ibmvscsi-use-of_root-to-access-of-device-tree-root-node.patch. - Refresh patches.fixes/xen-hold-lock_device_hotplug-throughout-vcpu-hotplug.patch. - Refresh patches.suse/0014-md-cluster-wake-up-thread-to-continue-recovery.patch. - Refresh patches.suse/0031-md-cluster-remove-some-unnecessary-dlm_unlock_sync.patch. - Refresh patches.suse/kgr-0008-mark-task_safe-in-some-kthreads.patch. - Delete patches.arch/0064-arm64-cpufeature-Track-32bit-EL0-support.patch. - Delete patches.suse/xen-disable_hotplug_cpu.patch. suse-commit: aeac75a2444f4dbaa9581be950c1fec01c1de57c
3 daysx86/cpufeature: deduplicate X86_FEATURE_L1TF_PTEINV (kabi).Jiri Slaby
suse-commit: dd88518ae07106c4dd6e33535c9d51f336892bad
3 daysceph: avoid a use-after-free in ceph_destroy_options()Luis Henriques
(bsc#1112007). suse-commit: 2e9a6df032433ff2f25e7a40a666252c93ea8764
3 daysMerge branch 'users/ptesarik/SLE12-SP3/for-next' into SLE12-SP3Takashi Iwai
Pull s390 fixes from Petr Tesarik suse-commit: a6915ec92522880b14f92e08229d438d2ada3c19
3 daysblacklist.conf: Add 68c5cf5a6091 s390: Define AT_VECTOR_SIZE_ARCH for ↵Petr Tesarik
ARCH_DLINFO Defining ARCH_DLINFO to a non-zero value increases AT_VECTOR_SIZE, which in turn increases saved_auxv[] and changes struct mm_struct, breaking kABI all over the place. According to the upstrem commit message, this shouldn't be a problem as AT_VECTOR_SIZE_BASE includes space for AT_BASE_PLATFORM which s390 doesn't use. suse-commit: 56eaf60b08bfa459e9739e6b1309d58c8982d4e1
3 dayss390/mm: correct allocate_pgste proc_handler callbackPetr Tesarik
(git-fixes). suse-commit: 1c9fd1e8a0197b16dbe10cf783da8255fc928bd2
3 dayss390/qeth: handle failure on workqueue creation (git-fixes).Petr Tesarik
suse-commit: 07db3f38658e6f391fc4b7adafca5eda475f23ca
3 daysbpf, s390: fix potential memleak when later bpf_jit_prog failsPetr Tesarik
(git-fixes). suse-commit: 760d75ed46d929a5ba7c719d5ea33cda0b07c9f1
3 daysbpf, s390x: do not reload skb pointers in non-skb contextPetr Tesarik
(git-fixes). suse-commit: 796530a2d88eb159786417456cfcc36a17e86ede
3 dayss390: revert ELF_ET_DYN_BASE base changes (git-fixes).Petr Tesarik
suse-commit: 760dffae0c229e2e22feb77264999c6e0276a987
3 dayss390/chsc: Add exception handler for CHSC instructionPetr Tesarik
(git-fixes). suse-commit: 28c8ed5d9ada258dbc45c8b9641d5aed6e8a2566
3 daysUpdate patch tag for HID security fix (CVE-2018-9516,bsc#1108498)Takashi Iwai
suse-commit: c53ed840961d76a55faad84e7c62629d5d6d0b41
3 daysMerge branch 'cve/linux-4.4' into SLE12-SP3Takashi Iwai
Empty merge as the fix already present in 4.4.140 suse-commit: f9a545c8acf1f5c2010f9ef76cb3bca3c37a48e8
3 daysHID: debug: check length before copy_to_user()Takashi Iwai
(CVE-2018-9516,bsc#1108498). suse-commit: 8880bad5d584af3d7008cd12722d8ea45c86f14a
3 daysMerge branch 'SLE12-SP3' into openSUSE-42.3Takashi Iwai
suse-commit: 7969c220849167b23cdefab3618372c35ef00621
4 dayspowerpc/rtas: Fix a potential race between CPU-Offline &Michal Suchanek
Migration (bsc#1111870). suse-commit: dac5c3ea28c819ac6f4b9e7552e05c674cec0974
4 daysMerge branch 'users/tzimmermann/SLE12-SP3/for-next' into SLE12-SP3Takashi Iwai
Pull drm fixes from Thomas Zimmermann (bsc#1106929) suse-commit: db9d8875bf5c33247b6e73c000b2a7d1e1b51d38
4 daysMerge branch 'users/oneukum/SLE12-SP3/for-next' into SLE12-SP3Takashi Iwai
Pull misc fix from Oliver Neukum (bsc#1106110) suse-commit: 8ad49bbd2097594996907155a36d0d7aed75f1d8
4 daysMerge branch 'users/mgorman/SLE12-SP3/for-next' into SLE12-SP3Takashi Iwai
Pull vmstat fix from Mel Gorman suse-commit: 1fb8f8e377f7e1ecae39f99b904c9752aa8564ec
4 daysblacklist.conf: kABIOliver Neukum
suse-commit: 29cb772f8c658a83941722faed045d34628d483b