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6 daysibmvnic: Fix pending MAC address changes (bsc#1075627).Michal Suchanek
6 daysRevert "Re-enable fixup detection by CPU type in case hypervisor callMichal Suchanek
6 dayspowerpc/pseries/rfi-flush: Call setup_rfi_flush() after LPMMichal Suchanek
6 dayspowerpc/rfi-flush: Move the logic to avoid a redo into theMichal Suchanek
6 daysMerge branch 'users/alnovak/SLE12-SP2/for-next' into SLE12-SP2Takashi Iwai
7 daysx86/acpi: Reduce code duplication in mp_override_legacy_irq()Ales Novak
7 daysx86/acpi: Handle SCI interrupts above legacy space gracefullyAles Novak
7 daysALSA: pcm: Allow aborting mutex lock at OSS read/write loopsTakashi Iwai
7 daysALSA: pcm: Abort properly at pending signal in OSS read/writeTakashi Iwai
7 daysALSA: aloop: Fix racy hw constraints adjustment (bsc#1031717).Takashi Iwai
7 daysALSA: aloop: Fix inconsistent format due to incomplete ruleTakashi Iwai
7 daysALSA: aloop: Release cable upon open error path (bsc#1031717).Takashi Iwai
7 daysALSA: pcm: Add missing error checks in OSS emulation pluginTakashi Iwai
7 daysALSA: pcm: Remove incorrect snd_BUG_ON() usages (bsc#1031717).Takashi Iwai
7 daysMerge branch 'SLE12-SP2' into openSUSE-42.2Kernel Build Daemon
7 daysRefresh patches.suse/powerpc-Secure-memory-rfi-flush-SLE12SP3.patch.Michal Suchanek
7 daysRefresh patches.suse/4.4-59-kaiser-efi-fix.patch.Jiri Slaby
7 days- Linux 4.4.111 (bnc#1012382).Jiri Slaby
7 days- Linux 4.4.110 (bnc#1012382).Jiri Slaby
7 daysx86/mm/32: Move setup_clear_cpu_cap(X86_FEATURE_PCID) earlierJiri Slaby
7 days- Linux 4.4.109 (bnc#1012382).Jiri Slaby
7 days- Linux 4.4.108 (bnc#1012382).Jiri Slaby
8 daysLinux 4.4.111v4.4.111Greg Kroah-Hartman
8 daysFix build error in vma.cGreg Kroah-Hartman
8 daysMap the vsyscall page with _PAGE_USERBorislav Petkov
8 daysproc: much faster /proc/vmstatAlexey Dobriyan
8 daysmodule: Issue warnings when tainting kernelLibor Pechacek
8 daysmodule: keep percpu symbols in module's symtabMiroslav Benes
8 daysgenksyms: Handle string literals with spaces in reference filesMichal Marek
8 daysx86/tlb: Drop the _GPL from the cpu_tlbstate exportThomas Gleixner
8 daysparisc: Fix alignment of pa_tlb_lock in assembly on 32-bit SMP kernelHelge Deller
8 daysx86/microcode/AMD: Add support for fam17h microcode loadingTom Lendacky
8 daysInput: elantech - add new icbody type 15Aaron Ma
8 daysARC: uaccess: dont use "l" gcc inline asm constraint modifierVineet Gupta
8 dayskernel/signal.c: remove the no longer needed SIGNAL_UNKILLABLE check in compl...Oleg Nesterov
8 dayskernel/signal.c: protect the SIGNAL_UNKILLABLE tasks from !sig_kernel_only() ...Oleg Nesterov
8 dayskernel/signal.c: protect the traced SIGNAL_UNKILLABLE tasks from SIGKILLOleg Nesterov
8 dayskernel: make groups_sort calling a responsibility group_info allocatorsThiago Rafael Becker
8 daysfscache: Fix the default for fscache_maybe_release_page()David Howells
8 dayssunxi-rsb: Include OF based modalias in device ueventStefan BrĂ¼ns
8 dayscrypto: pcrypt - fix freeing pcrypt instancesEric Biggers
8 dayscrypto: chacha20poly1305 - validate the digest sizeEric Biggers
8 dayscrypto: n2 - cure use after freeJan Engelhardt
8 dayskernel/acct.c: fix the acct->needcheck check in check_free_space()Oleg Nesterov
8 daysx86/kasan: Write protect kasan zero shadowAndrey Ryabinin
8 daysMerge branch 'SLE12-SP2' into openSUSE-42.2Kernel Build Daemon
8 daysEnable DEBUG_RFIMichal Suchanek
8 daysrfi-flush: Make DEBUG_RFI a CONFIG option (bsc#1068032,Michal Suchanek
8 daysUpdate patches.suse/powerpc-Secure-memory-rfi-flush-SLE12SP3.patch (bsc#10680...Michal Suchanek
8 dayspowerpc/pseries: Introduce H_GET_CPU_CHARACTERISTICSMichal Suchanek