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3 daysnet/smc: add pnetid support (FATE#325041, bsc#1101138,Johannes Thumshirn
3 daysnet/smc: determine port attributes independent from pnet tableJohannes Thumshirn
3 daysnet/smc: rebuild nonblocking connect (FATE#325041, bsc#1101138,Johannes Thumshirn
3 dayss390/cio: add test for ccwgroup device (FATE#325041,Johannes Thumshirn
3 dayss390/cio: add helper to query utility strings per given ccwJohannes Thumshirn
3 dayss390/cio: add util_string sysfs attribute (FATE#325041,Johannes Thumshirn
3 dayss390/chsc: query utility strings via fmt3 channel pathJohannes Thumshirn
3 dayss390/cio: rename struct channel_path_desc (FATE#325041,Johannes Thumshirn
3 daysMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/SLE15' into SLE12-SP4Johannes Thumshirn
3 daysMerge branch 'users/tbogendoerfer/SLE15/for-next' into SLE15Takashi Iwai
3 daysixgbe: Fix setting of TC configuration for macvlan caseThomas Bogendoerfer
3 daysixgbe: fix possible race in reset subtask (bsc#1101674Thomas Bogendoerfer
3 daysixgbe: introduce a helper to simplify code (bsc#1101674Thomas Bogendoerfer
3 daysixgbevf: fix possible race in the reset subtask (bsc#1101674Thomas Bogendoerfer
3 daysixgbevf: fix MAC address changes through ixgbevf_set_mac()Thomas Bogendoerfer
3 daysixgbe: force VF to grab new MAC on driver reload (bsc#1101674Thomas Bogendoerfer
3 daysixgbe/ixgbevf: Free IRQ when PCI error recovery removes theThomas Bogendoerfer
3 daysixgbe: Drop support for macvlan specific unicast listsThomas Bogendoerfer
3 daysixgbevf: fix ixgbevf_xmit_frame()'s return type (bsc#1101674Thomas Bogendoerfer
3 daysixgbe: return error on unsupported SFP module when resettingThomas Bogendoerfer
3 daysixgbe: fix read-modify-write in x550 phy setup (bsc#1101674Thomas Bogendoerfer
3 daysixgbe: add status reg reads to ixgbe_check_remove (bsc#1101674Thomas Bogendoerfer
3 daysixgbe: fix disabling hide VLAN on VF reset (bsc#1101674Thomas Bogendoerfer
3 daysixgbevf: fix unused variable warning (bsc#1101674 FATE#325150Thomas Bogendoerfer
3 daysixgbe: Add receive length error counter (bsc#1101674 FATE#325150Thomas Bogendoerfer
3 daysixgbevf: remove redundant initialization of variable 'dma'Thomas Bogendoerfer
3 daysixgbevf: add build_skb support (bsc#1101674 FATE#325150Thomas Bogendoerfer
3 daysixgbevf: break out Rx buffer page management (bsc#1101674Thomas Bogendoerfer
3 daysixgbevf: allocate the rings as part of q_vector (bsc#1101674Thomas Bogendoerfer
3 daysixgbevf: make sure all frames fit minimum size requirementsThomas Bogendoerfer
3 daysixgbevf: add support for padding packet (bsc#1101674 FATE#325150Thomas Bogendoerfer
3 daysixgbevf: setup queue counts (bsc#1101674 FATE#325150Thomas Bogendoerfer
3 daysixgbevf: add support for using order 1 pages to receive largeThomas Bogendoerfer
3 daysALSA: hda/realtek - Yet another Clevo P950 quirk entryTakashi Iwai
3 daysixgbevf: add ethtool private flag for legacy Rx (bsc#1101674Thomas Bogendoerfer
3 daysixgbevf: use page_address offset from page (bsc#1101674Thomas Bogendoerfer
3 daysixgbe: Avoid to write the RETA table when unnecessaryThomas Bogendoerfer
3 daysixgbe: remove redundant initialization of 'pool' (bsc#1101674Thomas Bogendoerfer
3 daysixgbe: Fix && vs || typo (bsc#1101674 FATE#325150 FATE#325151).Thomas Bogendoerfer
3 daysixgbe: add support for reporting 5G link speed (bsc#1101674Thomas Bogendoerfer
3 daysixgbe: Don't report unsupported timestamping filters for X550Thomas Bogendoerfer
3 daysixgbe: use ARRAY_SIZE for array sizing calculation on array bufThomas Bogendoerfer
3 daysixgbevf: use ARRAY_SIZE for various array sizing calculationsThomas Bogendoerfer
3 daysixgbevf: don't bother clearing tx_buffer_info inThomas Bogendoerfer
3 daysixgbevf: improve performance and reduce size of ixgbevf_tx_map()Thomas Bogendoerfer
3 daysixgbevf: clear rx_buffer_info in configure instead of cleanThomas Bogendoerfer
3 daysixgbevf: add counters for Rx page allocations (bsc#1101674Thomas Bogendoerfer
3 daysixgbevf: update code to better handle incrementing page countThomas Bogendoerfer
3 daysixgbevf: add support for DMA_ATTR_SKIP_CPU_SYNC/WEAK_ORDERINGThomas Bogendoerfer
3 daysixgbevf: use length to determine if descriptor is doneThomas Bogendoerfer