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5 daysipv6: take rcu lock in rawv6_send_hdrinc()Jiri Slaby
5 daysrtnetlink: fix rtnl_fdb_dump() for ndmsg headerJiri Slaby
5 daysnet/packet: fix packet drop as of virtio gsoJiri Slaby
5 daysbnxt_en: free hwrm resources, if driver probe failsJiri Slaby
5 daysnet/usb: cancel pending work when unbinding smsc75xxJiri Slaby
5 daysnet/mlx5e: Set vlan masks for all offloaded TC rulesJiri Slaby
5 daysnet/mlx5: E-Switch, Fix out of bound access when setting vportJiri Slaby
5 daysnet: systemport: Fix wake-up interrupt race during resumeJiri Slaby
5 daysrtnl: limit IFLA_NUM_TX_QUEUES and IFLA_NUM_RX_QUEUES to 4096Jiri Slaby
5 daysbonding: fix warning message (networking-stable-18_10_16).Jiri Slaby
5 daysinet: make sure to grab rcu_read_lock before usingJiri Slaby
5 daysbnxt_en: Fix TX timeout during netpollJiri Slaby
5 daysbonding: avoid possible dead-lock (networking-stable-18_10_16).Jiri Slaby
5 daysbonding: pass link-local packets to bonding master alsoJiri Slaby
5 daystipc: fix flow control accounting for implicit connectJiri Slaby
5 daysnet: hns: fix for unmapping problem when SMMU is onJiri Slaby
5 daysip_tunnel: be careful when accessing the inner headerJiri Slaby
5 daysnet: aquantia: memory corruption on jumbo framesJiri Slaby
5 daysnet/ipv6: Display all addresses in output of /proc/net/if_inet6Jiri Slaby
5 daysnetlabel: check for IPV4MASK in addrinfo_getJiri Slaby
5 dayssctp: update dst pmtu with the correct daddrJiri Slaby
5 daysip6_tunnel: be careful when accessing the inner headerJiri Slaby
5 daysnet: mvpp2: fix a txq_done race conditionJiri Slaby
5 daysnet: stmmac: Fixup the tail addr setting in xmit pathJiri Slaby
5 daysMerge branch 'SLE15' into SLE12-SP4-UPDATEKernel Build Daemon
5 daysKVM: s390: vsie: copy wrapping keys to right place (git-fixes).Petr Tesarik
5 daysdrm/ast: Remove existing framebuffers before loading driver (boo#1112963)Thomas Zimmermann
6 daysMerge branch 'SLE15' into SLE12-SP4-UPDATEKernel Build Daemon
6 daysASoC: dwc: Added a quirk DW_I2S_QUIRK_16BIT_IDX_OVERRIDE to dwc (bsc#1085535)Thomas Zimmermann
6 daysRefreshTakashi Iwai
6 daysACPI/APEI: Handle GSIV and GPIO notification typesMian Yousaf Kaukab
6 daysMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/SLE15' into SLE12-SP4-UPDATEJohannes Thumshirn
7 daysuio: ensure class is registered before devices (bsc#1051510).Takashi Iwai
7 daysALSA: ca0106: Disable IZD on SB0570 DAC to fix audio popsTakashi Iwai
7 daysbrcmfmac: fix for proper support of 160MHz bandwidthTakashi Iwai
7 daysath10k: schedule hardware restart if WMI command times outTakashi Iwai
7 daysHID: hiddev: fix potential Spectre v1 (bsc#1051510).Takashi Iwai
7 daysdriver/dma/ioat: Call del_timer_sync() without holding prep_lockTakashi Iwai
7 daysBluetooth: btbcm: Add entry for BCM4335C0 UART bluetoothTakashi Iwai
7 dayshwmon: (core) Fix double-free in __hwmon_device_register()Takashi Iwai
7 dayshwmon: (pmbus) Fix page count auto-detection (bsc#1051510).Takashi Iwai
7 dayshwmon: (pwm-fan) Set fan speed to 0 on suspend (bsc#1051510).Takashi Iwai
7 daysiwlwifi: mvm: check return value of rs_rate_from_ucode_rate()Takashi Iwai
7 daysiwlwifi: pcie: avoid empty free RB queue (bsc#1051510).Takashi Iwai
7 daysiwlwifi: mvm: fix BAR seq ctrl reporting (bsc#1051510).Takashi Iwai
7 daysima: fix showing large 'violations' orTakashi Iwai
7 daysbitops: protect variables in bit_clear_unless() macroTakashi Iwai
7 daysbitops: protect variables in set_mask_bits() macroTakashi Iwai
7 dayskgdboc: Passing ekgdboc to command line causes panicTakashi Iwai
7 dayspcmcia: Implement CLKRUN protocol disabling for Ricoh bridgesTakashi Iwai