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40 hoursMerge branch 'users/hare/SLE12-SP3/for-next' into SLE12-SP3SLE12-SP3Takashi Iwai
41 hoursDisable patch 0017-nvmet_fc-Simplify-sg-list-handling.patch (bsc#1052384)Hannes Reinecke
43 hourslpfc: support nvmet_fc defer_rcv callback (bsc#1052384).Hannes Reinecke
43 hourslpfc: lpfc version bump (bsc#1052384).Hannes Reinecke
43 hourslpfc: fix "integer constant too large" error on 32bit archsHannes Reinecke
43 hourslpfc: Add Buffer to Buffer credit recovery supportHannes Reinecke
43 hourslpfc: remove console log clutter (bsc#1052384).Hannes Reinecke
43 hourslpfc: Fix bad sgl reposting after 2nd adapter resetHannes Reinecke
43 hourslpfc: Fix nvme target failure after 2nd adapter resetHannes Reinecke
43 hourslpfc: Fix relative offset error on large nvmet target iosHannes Reinecke
43 hourslpfc: Fix MRQ > 1 context list handling (bsc#1052384).Hannes Reinecke
43 hourslpfc: Limit amount of work processed in IRQ (bsc#1052384).Hannes Reinecke
43 hourslpfc: Correct issues with FAWWN and FDISCs (bsc#1052384).Hannes Reinecke
43 hourslpfc: Fix NVME PRLI handling during RSCN (bsc#1052384).Hannes Reinecke
43 hourslpfc: Fix crash in lpfc nvmet when fc port is resetHannes Reinecke
43 hourslpfc: Fix duplicate NVME rport entries and namespacesHannes Reinecke
43 hourslpfc: Fix handling of FCP and NVME FC4 types in Pt2Pt topologyHannes Reinecke
43 hourslpfc: Correct return error codes to align with nvme_fc transportHannes Reinecke
43 hourslpfc: convert info messages to standard messages (bsc#1052384).Hannes Reinecke
43 hourslpfc: Fix oops when NVME Target is discovered in a nonNVMEHannes Reinecke
43 hourslpfc: Fix rediscovery on switch blade pull (bsc#1052384).Hannes Reinecke
43 hourslpfc: Fix loop mode target discovery (bsc#1052384).Hannes Reinecke
43 hourslpfc: Fix plogi collision that causes illegal state transitionHannes Reinecke
44 hoursnvme-fc: kABI fix for defer_rcv() callback (bsc#1052384).Hannes Reinecke
44 hoursnvmet_fc: add defer_req callback for deferment of cmd bufferHannes Reinecke
44 hoursnvmet_fc: Simplify sg list handling (bsc#1052384).Hannes Reinecke
44 hoursnvme_fc: Reattach to localports on re-registrationHannes Reinecke
44 hoursnvme-fc: revise TRADDR parsing (bsc#1052384).Hannes Reinecke
44 hoursnvme-fc: address target disconnect race conditions in fcp ioHannes Reinecke
44 hoursnvmet: prefix version configfs file with attr (bsc#1052384).Hannes Reinecke
44 hoursRemove patch 0407-nvme_fc-change-failure-code-on-remoteport-connectivi.patch ...Hannes Reinecke
2 daysbnxt: fix unused variable warnings (bsc#1053309).Benjamin Poirier
2 daysbnxt: fix unsigned comparsion with 0 (bsc#1053309).Benjamin Poirier
2 daysbnxt_en: Set ETS min_bw parameter for older firmwareBenjamin Poirier
2 daysbnxt_en: Report firmware DCBX agent (bsc#1053309).Benjamin Poirier
2 daysbnxt_en: Allow the user to set ethtool stats-block-usecs to 0Benjamin Poirier
2 daysbnxt_en: Add bnxt_get_num_stats() to centrally get the numberBenjamin Poirier
2 daysbnxt_en: Implement ndo_bridge_{get|set}link methodsBenjamin Poirier
2 daysbnxt_en: Retrieve the hardware bridge mode from the firmwareBenjamin Poirier
2 daysbnxt_en: Update firmware interface spec to 1.8.0 (bsc#1053309).Benjamin Poirier
2 daysbnxt_en: Fix SRIOV on big-endian architecture (bsc#1053309).Benjamin Poirier
2 daysbnxt_en: Fix bug in ethtool -L (bsc#1053309).Benjamin Poirier
2 daysbnxt_en: Fix race conditions in .ndo_get_stats64()Benjamin Poirier
2 daysbnxt_en: Fix xmit_more with BQL (bsc#1053309).Benjamin Poirier
2 daysbnxt_en: Pass in sh parameter to bnxt_set_dflt_rings()Benjamin Poirier
2 daysbnxt_en: Implement xmit_more (bsc#1053309).Benjamin Poirier
2 daysbnxt_en: Optimize doorbell write operations for newer chipsBenjamin Poirier
2 daysbnxt_en: Add additional chip ID definitions (bsc#1053309).Benjamin Poirier
2 daysbnxt_en: Add a callback to inform RDMA driver during PCIBenjamin Poirier
2 daysbnxt_en: Add PCI IDs for BCM57454 VF devices (bsc#1053309).Benjamin Poirier