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16 hoursscsi: lpfc: fix block guard enablement on SLI3 adaptersSLE12-SP3Martin Wilck
3 daysMerge branch 'users/jack/SLE12-SP3/for-next' into SLE12-SP3Takashi Iwai
3 daysblacklist.conf: Blacklist c4b7d1ba7d26Jan Kara
3 daysblacklist.conf: Blacklist 1ccbeeb888acJan Kara
3 daysblacklist.conf: Blacklist f0a7d1883d9fJan Kara
3 daysblacklist.conf: Blacklist f2fsJan Kara
3 days- blacklist.conf: Blacklist 11a6fc3dc743Jan Kara
3 daysmm: Preserve _PAGE_DEVMAP across mprotect() calls (bsc#1118790).Jan Kara
3 daysMove usb-audio UAF fix into sorted sectionTakashi Iwai
4 daysRefreshPatrik Jakobsson
6 daysRefresh patches.drivers/net-ibmvnic-Fix-RTNL-deadlock-during-device-reset.patch.Michal Suchanek
6 daysMerge branch 'users/dbond/SLE12-SP3/for-next' into SLE12-SP3Takashi Iwai
6 daysMerge branch 'users/lhenriques/SLE12-SP3/for-next' into SLE12-SP3Takashi Iwai
6 dayshpwdt add dynamic debugging (bsc#1114417).David Bond
6 dayshpwdt calculate reload value on each use (bsc#1114417).David Bond
6 dayslibceph: fall back to sendmsg for slab pages (bsc#1118316).Luis Henriques
6 daysblacklist.conf: Blacklist MAINTAINERS fileJoerg Roedel
6 daysMerge branch 'users/jslaby/SLE12-SP3/for-next' into SLE12-SP3Takashi Iwai
6 daysMerge branch 'users/jgross/SLE12-SP3/for-next' into SLE12-SP3Takashi Iwai
6 days- Linux 4.4.166 (bnc#1012382).Jiri Slaby
6 daysxen/x86: add diagnostic printout to xen_mc_flush() in case ofJuergen Gross
6 daysxen/balloon: Support xend-based toolstack (bnc#1065600).Juergen Gross
7 daysALSA: usb-audio: Fix UAF decrement if card has no liveTakashi Iwai
7 daysMerge branch 'users/tzimmermann/SLE12-SP3/for-next' into SLE12-SP3Takashi Iwai
7 daysblacklist.conf: Append 'drm/dp_mst: Skip validating ports during destruction,...Thomas Zimmermann
7 daysMerge branch 'scripts' into SLE12-SP3Michal Suchanek
7 daysnet/ibmvnic: Fix RTNL deadlock during device resetMichal Suchanek
7 daysdrm/ast: Fix incorrect free on ioregs (bsc#1106929)Thomas Zimmermann
7 daysxen/netback: dont overflow meta array (bnc#1099523).Juergen Gross
7 daysfscache: fix race between enablement and dropping of objectNeilBrown
9 daysLinux 4.4.166v4.4.166Greg Kroah-Hartman
9 daysdrm/ast: Remove existing framebuffers before loading driverThomas Zimmermann
9 dayss390/mm: Check for valid vma before zapping in gmap_discardJanosch Frank
9 daysnamei: allow restricted O_CREAT of FIFOs and regular filesSalvatore Mesoraca
9 dayssched/core: Allow __sched_setscheduler() in interrupts when PI is not usedSteven Rostedt (VMware)
9 daysbtrfs: Ensure btrfs_trim_fs can trim the whole filesystemQu Wenruo
9 daysusb: xhci: fix uninitialized completion when USB3 port got wrong statusAaron Ma
9 daystty: wipe buffer if not echoing dataGreg Kroah-Hartman
9 daystty: wipe buffer.Linus Torvalds
9 daysiwlwifi: mvm: fix regulatory domain update when the firmware startsEmmanuel Grumbach
9 daysscsi: qla2xxx: do not queue commands when unloadingMauricio Faria de Oliveira
9 daysscsi: ufshcd: release resources if probe failsSubhash Jadavani
9 daysscsi: ufs: fix race between clock gating and devfreq scaling workSubhash Jadavani
9 daysscsi: ufshcd: Fix race between clk scaling and ungate workVenkat Gopalakrishnan
9 daysscsi: ufs: fix bugs related to null pointer access and array sizeYaniv Gardi
9 daysnetfilter: nf_tables: fix oops when inserting an element into a verdict mapLiping Zhang
9 daysmwifiex: fix p2p device doesn't find in scan problemKarthik D A
9 daysmwifiex: Fix NULL pointer dereference in skb_dequeue()Amitkumar Karwar
9 dayscw1200: Don't leak memory if krealloc failesJohannes Thumshirn
9 daysInput: xpad - add support for Xbox1 PDP Camo series gamepadRamses Ramírez