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11 hoursMerge branch 'cve/linux-4.4' into SLE12-SP3SLE12-SP3Takashi Iwai
11 hoursscsi: target: iscsi: Use bin2hex instead of a re-implementationTakashi Iwai
11 hoursscsi: target: iscsi: Use hex2bin instead of a re-implementationTakashi Iwai
14 hoursRevert "sd: disable logical block provisioning if 'lbpme' is not set"Jean Delvare
18 hours- RefreshDenis Kirjanov
39 hoursRevert "mmc: bcm2835: Fix DMA channel leak on probe error (bsc#1120902)."Takashi Iwai
40 hoursRevert two recent bnxt patchesTakashi Iwai
41 hoursKVM: VMX: Missing part of upstream commit 904e14fb7cb9 (bsc#1124166).Joerg Roedel
41 hoursKVM: VMX: Fix x2apic check in vmx_msr_bitmap_mode() (bsc#1124166).Joerg Roedel
41 hoursmmc: bcm2835: Fix DMA channel leak on probe error (bsc#1120902).Oliver Neukum
46 hourshwmon: (lm80) Fix missing unlock on error in set_fan_div()Jiri Slaby
3 dayskABI: protect linux/kfifo.h include in hid-debug (kabi).Jiri Slaby
3 dayskABI: protect struct hda_bus (kabi).Jiri Slaby
3 days- Linux 4.4.175 (bnc#1012382).Jiri Slaby
3 daysLinux 4.4.175v4.4.175Greg Kroah-Hartman
3 daysuapi/if_ether.h: move __UAPI_DEF_ETHHDR libc defineHauke Mehrtens
3 dayspinctrl: msm: fix gpio-hog related boot issuesChristian Lamparter
3 daysusb: dwc2: Remove unnecessary kfreeJohn Youn
3 dayskaweth: use skb_cow_head() to deal with cloned skbsEric Dumazet
3 daysch9200: use skb_cow_head() to deal with cloned skbsEric Dumazet
3 dayssmsc95xx: Use skb_cow_head to deal with cloned skbsJames Hughes
3 daysdm thin: fix bug where bio that overwrites thin block ignores FUANikos Tsironis
3 daysx86/a.out: Clear the dump structure initiallyBorislav Petkov
3 dayssignal: Restore the stop PTRACE_EVENT_EXITEric W. Biederman
3 daysx86/platform/UV: Use efi_runtime_lock to serialise BIOS callsHedi Berriche
3 daystracing/uprobes: Fix output for multiple string argumentsAndreas Ziegler
3 daysalpha: Fix Eiger NR_IRQS to 128Meelis Roos
3 daysalpha: fix page fault handling for r16-r18 targetsSergei Trofimovich
3 daysInput: elantech - enable 3rd button support on Fujitsu CELSIUS H780Matti Kurkela
3 daysInput: bma150 - register input device after setting private dataJonathan Bakker
3 daysALSA: usb-audio: Fix implicit fb endpoint setup by quirkManuel Reinhardt
3 daysALSA: hda - Add quirk for HP EliteBook 840 G5Jurica Vukadin
3 daysperf/core: Fix impossible ring-buffer sizes warningIngo Molnar
3 daysInput: elan_i2c - add ACPI ID for touchpad in Lenovo V330-15ISKMauro Ciancio
3 daysRevert "Input: elan_i2c - add ACPI ID for touchpad in ASUS Aspire F5-573G"Dmitry Torokhov
3 daysDocumentation/network: reword kernel version referenceMark Rustad
3 dayscifs: Limit memory used by lock request calls to a pageRoss Lagerwall
3 daysgpio: pl061: handle failed allocationsNicholas Mc Guire
3 daysARM: dts: kirkwood: Fix polarity of GPIO fan linesLinus Walleij
3 daysARM: dts: da850-evm: Correct the sound card namePeter Ujfalusi
3 daysuapi/if_ether.h: prevent redefinition of struct ethhdrHauke Mehrtens
3 daysRevert "exec: load_script: don't blindly truncate shebang string"Linus Torvalds
3 daysbatman-adv: Force mac header to start of data on xmitSven Eckelmann
3 daysbatman-adv: Avoid WARN on net_device without parent in netnsSven Eckelmann
3 daysxfrm: refine validation of template and selector familiesFlorian Westphal
3 dayslibceph: avoid KEEPALIVE_PENDING races in ceph_con_keepalive()Ilya Dryomov
3 daysRevert "cifs: In Kconfig CONFIG_CIFS_POSIX needs depends on legacy (insecure ...Greg Kroah-Hartman
3 daysNFC: nxp-nci: Include unaligned.h instead of access_ok.hGuenter Roeck
3 daysHID: debug: fix the ring buffer implementationVladis Dronov
3 daysdrm/vmwgfx: Return error code from vmw_execbuf_copy_fence_userThomas Hellstrom