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13 daysMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/users/jroedel/SLE11-SP4/for-next' into u...Michal Hocko
2018-10-30- retpoline: Introduce start/end markers of indirect thunkMichal Koutný
2018-10-30kernel/relay.c: limit kmalloc size to KMALLOC_MAX_SIZEJiri Slaby
2018-10-30blacklist.conf: add a merge commitJiri Slaby
2018-10-29cdrom: fix improper type cast, which can leat to informationTakashi Iwai
2018-10-29Fix invalid free in the fix for mceusb (bsc#1050431)Takashi Iwai
2018-10-25blacklist.conf: added 10fe570fc16721d78afdba9689720094527c1ba3 as itJuergen Gross
2018-10-25x86/percpu: Fix this_cpu_read() (bsc#1110006).Joerg Roedel
2018-10-24Merge remote-tracking branches 'origin/users/jslaby/cve/linux-3.0/for-next' a...Michal Hocko
2018-10-24Merge remote-tracking branches 'origin/users/hare/SLE11-SP4/for-next', 'origi...Michal Hocko
2018-10-24scsi: libfc: don't advance state machine for incoming FLOGIHannes Reinecke
2018-10-24scsi: libfc: Do not login if the port is already startedHannes Reinecke
2018-10-24scsi: libfc: Do not drop down to FLOGI for fc_rport_login()Hannes Reinecke
2018-10-24x86/paravirt: Fix some warning messages (bnc#1065600).Juergen Gross
2018-10-24add kernel parameter to disable failfast on block devicesNeilBrown
2018-10-23powerpc/64: Fix smp_wmb barrier definition use use lwsyncMichal Suchanek
2018-10-22powerpc/asm: Mark cr0 as clobbered in mftb() (bsc#1049128).Michal Suchanek
2018-10-22blacklist.conf: would break kABIOliver Neukum
2018-10-22blacklist.conf: pure optimizationOliver Neukum
2018-10-22media: cx25821: prevent out-of-bounds read on array cardOliver Neukum
2018-10-22[media] mceusb: fix memory leaks in error path.Oliver Neukum
2018-10-22Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/users/jeffm/SLE11-SP4/for-next' into use...Michal Hocko
2018-10-22Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/users/nfbrown/SLE11-SP4/for-next' into u...Michal Hocko
2018-10-22Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/users/ohering/SLE11-SP4/for-next' into u...Michal Hocko
2018-10-19NFS - don't hang if xdr decoded username is bad (bsc#1105799).NeilBrown
2018-10-18Merge branch 'bsc1047027-final' into sle11-sp4-for-nextThomas Abraham
2018-10-18reiserfs: don't panic on bad directory entries (bsc#1109818).Jeff Mahoney
2018-10-18reiserfs: add check to detect corrupted directory entryJeff Mahoney
2018-10-18n_tty: fix EXTPROC vs ICANON interaction with TIOCINQ (akaJiri Slaby
2018-10-17scsi: storvsc: fix memory leak on ring buffer busy (fate#317533Olaf Hering
2018-10-17add mainline tags to two hv patchesOlaf Hering
2018-10-17add mainline tag to one hv patchOlaf Hering
2018-10-17[media] mceusb: fix NULL-deref at probe (bsc#1050431).Oliver Neukum
2018-10-17[media] ite-cir: initialize use_demodulator before using itOliver Neukum
2018-10-17blacklist.conf: only relevant for static buildOliver Neukum
2018-10-16Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/users/lduncan/SLE11-SP4/for-next' into u...Michal Hocko
2018-10-16HID: hid-cypress: validate length of reportTakashi Iwai
2018-10-16Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/users/lhenriques/SLE11-SP4/for-next' int...Michal Hocko
2018-10-16Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/users/msuchanek/SLE11-SP4/for-next' into...Michal Hocko
2018-10-16HID: usbhid: fix out-of-bounds bug (CVE-2017-16533,bsc#1066674).Takashi Iwai
2018-10-16KVM: VMX: remove I/O port 0x80 bypass on Intel hostsTakashi Iwai
2018-10-16HID: debug: check length before copy_to_user()Takashi Iwai
2018-10-15Removing the unused function chap_string_to_hex.Lee Duncan
2018-10-15blacklist.conf: CephFS not supported on SLE11-SP4Luis Henriques
2018-10-15Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/users/oneukum/SLE11-SP4/for-next' into u...Michal Hocko
2018-10-15Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/users/fdmanana/SLE11-SP4/for-next' into ...Michal Hocko
2018-10-15blacklist.conf: just removes unnecessary codeOliver Neukum
2018-10-15blacklist.conf: Documentation on kbuild onlyOliver Neukum
2018-10-15blacklist.conf: Android build fixOliver Neukum
2018-10-15blacklist.conf: readds just Android drivers. Useless in SLE.Oliver Neukum