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BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
SLE11-SP4RefreshJiri Kosina4 hours
SLE12-SP2Re-add and revert 4.4.90-035-cxl-Fix-driver-use-count.patchMichal Suchanek9 hours
SLE12-SP3Re-add and revert 4.4.90-035-cxl-Fix-driver-use-count.patchMichal Suchanek9 hours
SLE15- x86/cpu/AMD: Make LFENCE a serializing instruction (bsc#1068032Borislav Petkov3 hours
masterUpdate to 4.15-rc8.Jeff Mahoney5 days
openSUSE-15.0Merge branch 'SLE15' into openSUSE-15.0Takashi Iwai19 hours
openSUSE-42.2Merge branch 'SLE12-SP2' into openSUSE-42.2Kernel Build Daemon21 hours
openSUSE-42.3Merge branch 'SLE12-SP3' into openSUSE-42.3Kernel Build Daemon21 hours
stable- Linux 4.14.14 (bnc#1012628).Jiri Slaby3 days
vanillaAutomatically updated to 4.15-rc8-120-gdda3e15Kernel Build Daemon16 hours
rpm-4.12.14-8commit 121ea2e4fb...Kernel Build Daemon40 hours
rpm-3.0.101-108.24commit eb2ab59fa9...Kernel Build Daemon41 hours
v4.14.14commit 9c0bf98471...Greg Kroah-Hartman3 days
v4.9.77commit b8cf9ff79d...Greg Kroah-Hartman3 days
v4.4.112commit 42375c1120...Greg Kroah-Hartman3 days
v3.18.92commit a5d35deca2...Greg Kroah-Hartman3 days
rpm-4.4.103-94.6commit 6bdbecf938...Kernel Build Daemon3 days
v4.15-rc8commit a8750ddca9...Linus Torvalds5 days
rpm-4.4.103-92.59commit cc56f88fc8...Kernel Build Daemon9 days
v4.14.13commit b8447222eb...Greg Kroah-Hartman10 days
AgeCommit messageAuthor
19 hoursMerge branch 'SLE15' into openSUSE-15.0openSUSE-15.0Takashi Iwai
19 hoursUpdate config files: refresh arm64, ppc64le and s390x configsTakashi Iwai
30 hoursUpdate config files: fix x86_64/vanilla build breakageTakashi Iwai
30 hoursMerge branch 'users/bpetkov/SLE15/for-next' into SLE15Takashi Iwai
31 hours- x86/pti: Make unpoison of pgd for trusted boot work for realBorislav Petkov
32 hours- x86,perf: Disable intel_bts when PTI (bsc#1068032Borislav Petkov
32 hoursx86/pti: Fix !PCID and sanitize defines (bsc#1068032Borislav Petkov
32 hoursx86/mm/pti: Remove dead logic in pti_user_pagetable_walk*()Borislav Petkov
32 hoursx86/tboot: Unbreak tboot with PTI enabled (bsc#1068032Borislav Petkov
32 hoursx86/tlb: Drop the _GPL from the cpu_tlbstate export (bsc#1068032Borislav Petkov