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12 hoursUpdate config files.HEADmasterMichal Kubecek
14 hoursLinux 4.18.1-rc1Jiri Slaby
25 hoursUpdate upstream reference:Michal Kubecek
27 hourshv/netvsc: Fix NULL dereference at single queue mode fallbackTakashi Iwai
3 daysRefreshJiri Slaby
3 daysplatform/x86: ideapad-laptop: Apply no_hw_rfkill to Y20-15IKBM,Takashi Iwai
3 daysalarmtimer: Prevent overflow for relative nanosleepTakashi Iwai
3 daysUpdate to 4.18-final.Michal Kubecek
8 daysconfig: refresh s390x/vanillaMichal Kubecek
9 daysMerge branch 'packaging'Michal Suchanek
9 daysMerge branch 'scripts'Michal Suchanek
9 daysUpdate config files.Michal Suchanek
9 daysRevert "kconfig: only write '# CONFIG_FOO is not set' forMichal Suchanek
10 daysUpdate to 4.18-rc8Michal Kubecek
2018-07-30scripts: run_oldconfig.sh: pass $CC via $MAKE_ARGSscriptsMichal Kubecek
2018-07-30Update to 4.18-rc7Michal Kubecek
2018-07-24Reenable v8.1/v8.2 aarch64 extensionsDirk Mueller
2018-07-23rpm/kernel-source.spec.in: Add more stuff to RecommendspackagingTakashi Iwai
2018-07-23rpm/kernel-source.spec.in: require bc for kernel-sourceTakashi Iwai
2018-07-23Update to 4.18-rc6Michal Kubecek
2018-07-17Merge branch 'users/tiwai/master/for-next'Michal Kubecek
2018-07-17Update config files: enable CONFIG_I2C_PXA for arm64 (bsc#1101465)Takashi Iwai
2018-07-16- apparmor: patch to provide compatibility with v2.x net rules (bsc#1100944).Goldwyn Rodrigues
2018-07-16Pass x86 as architecture on x86_64 and i386 (bsc#1093118).Michal Suchanek
2018-07-16Update to 4.18-rc5Michal Kubecek
2018-07-09Update to 4.18-rc4Michal Kubecek
2018-07-04Update patches.suse/btrfs-8447-serialize-subvolume-mounts-with-potentially-mi...David Sterba
2018-07-02Update to 4.18-rc3Michal Kubecek
2018-06-29RefreshJiri Slaby
2018-06-28scripts/git_sort/patch.py: Fix patch writebackBenjamin Poirier
2018-06-27bpf: enforce correct alignment for instructions (bsc#1099078).Michal Kubecek
2018-06-27Merge branch 'scripts'Michal Kubecek
2018-06-26scripts/git_sort/lib.py: Add some docstringsBenjamin Poirier
2018-06-26scripts/tests/test_linux_git.py: Clarify testsBenjamin Poirier
2018-06-26scripts/git_sort/git_sort.py: Support bare repositoryBenjamin Poirier
2018-06-26scripts/git_sort/git_sort.py: Use Repository.remotes instead of parsing configBenjamin Poirier
2018-06-26scripts/git_sort/update_clone.py: Support modifying remotes in an existing re...Benjamin Poirier
2018-06-26git-sort: Rewrite Patch class to read bytes instead of strBenjamin Poirier
2018-06-26git-sort: Handle empty Git-commit tagsBenjamin Poirier
2018-06-26Delete series.conf.Benjamin Poirier
2018-06-26Merge branch 'users/jslaby/master/for-next'Michal Kubecek
2018-06-25Input: psmouse - fix button reporting for basic protocolsJiri Slaby
2018-06-25rpm/kernel-source.changes.old: Add pre-SLE15 history (bsc#1098995).Michal Suchanek
2018-06-25Refresh patches.suse/s390-fix-random-crashes-illegal-operation-0001-ilc-1.patch.Michal Suchanek
2018-06-24Update to 4.18-rc2Michal Kubecek
2018-06-24config: arm64: Update to 4.18-rc1Andreas Färber
2018-06-23proc: fix missing final NUL in get_mm_cmdline() rewriteMichal Kubecek
2018-06-23Documentation: e1000: Fix docs build error.Michal Kubecek
2018-06-23Documentation: e100: Fix docs build error.Michal Kubecek
2018-06-23Documentation: e1000: Use correct heading adornment.Michal Kubecek