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24 hoursAutomatically updated to 4.19-rc7-next-20181015linux-nextKernel Build Daemon
3 daysMerge branch 'scripts' into linux-nextKernel Build Daemon
4 daysREADME: Update documentation wrt. Patch-mainlinescriptsThomas Zimmermann
4 daysREADME: Clean-up trailing whitespaceThomas Zimmermann
4 daysUpdate documentation wrt. Patch-mainlineThomas Zimmermann
4 daysAutomatically updated to 4.19-rc7-next-20181012Kernel Build Daemon
5 daysAutomatically updated to 4.19-rc7-next-20181011Kernel Build Daemon
6 daysAutomatically updated to 4.19-rc7-next-20181010Kernel Build Daemon
7 daysAutomatically updated to 4.19-rc7-next-20181009Kernel Build Daemon
7 daysMerge branch 'packaging' into linux-nextKernel Build Daemon
7 daysRevert "Limit kernel-source build to architectures for which we build binaries"packagingMichal Suchanek
8 daysAutomatically updated to 4.19-rc7-next-20181008Kernel Build Daemon
11 daysAutomatically updated to 4.19-rc6-next-20181005Kernel Build Daemon
12 daysAutomatically updated to 4.19-rc6-next-20181004Kernel Build Daemon
2018-10-02Automatically updated to 4.19-rc6-next-20181002Kernel Build Daemon
2018-10-02Merge branch 'packaging' into linux-nextKernel Build Daemon
2018-10-02Merge branch 'scripts' into linux-nextKernel Build Daemon
2018-10-01tar-up.sh: allow packaging multiple architectures.Michal Suchanek
2018-10-01rpm/mkspec: fix ppc64 kernel-source build.Michal Suchanek
2018-09-29Merge branch 'packaging' into linux-nextKernel Build Daemon
2018-09-29reiserfs: package in separate KMP (FATE#323394).Jeff Mahoney
2018-09-29supported.conf: add test_syctl to new kselftests-kmp package FATE#323821Luis R. Rodriguez
2018-09-28Automatically updated to 4.19-rc5-next-20180928Kernel Build Daemon
2018-09-28Merge branch 'packaging' into linux-nextKernel Build Daemon
2018-09-28rpm/mkspec: build dtbs for architectures marked -!needs_updatingMichal Suchanek
2018-09-27Limit kernel-source build to architectures for which we build binariesMichal Suchanek
2018-09-27Automatically updated to 4.19-rc5-next-20180927Kernel Build Daemon
2018-09-26Automatically updated to 4.19-rc5-next-20180926Kernel Build Daemon
2018-09-25Automatically updated to 4.19-rc5-next-20180925Kernel Build Daemon
2018-09-24Automatically updated to 4.19-rc5-next-20180924Kernel Build Daemon
2018-09-21Automatically updated to 4.19-rc4-next-20180921Kernel Build Daemon
2018-09-20Automatically updated to 4.19-rc4-next-20180920Kernel Build Daemon
2018-09-19Automatically updated to 4.19-rc4-next-20180919Kernel Build Daemon
2018-09-18Automatically updated to 4.19-rc4-next-20180918Kernel Build Daemon
2018-09-15Merge branch 'packaging' into linux-nextKernel Build Daemon
2018-09-14doc/README.SUSE: Remove mentions of cloneconfig (bsc#1103636).Michal Suchanek
2018-09-13Automatically updated to 4.19-rc3-next-20180913Kernel Build Daemon
2018-09-12Automatically updated to 4.19-rc3-next-20180912Kernel Build Daemon
2018-09-12Merge branch 'scripts' into linux-nextKernel Build Daemon
2018-09-11scripts/tar-up.sh: Don't package gitlog-excludes fileTakashi Iwai
2018-09-11Automatically updated to 4.19-rc3-next-20180911Kernel Build Daemon
2018-09-11Merge branch 'packaging' into linux-nextKernel Build Daemon
2018-09-11scripts: sequence-patch.sh: Use '_' to replace '#' charactor (bsc#1107937)Qu Wenruo
2018-09-10macros.kernel-source: pass -b properly in kernel module packageMichal Suchanek
2018-09-10Automatically updated to 4.19-rc2-next-20180910Kernel Build Daemon
2018-09-07Automatically updated to 4.19-rc2-next-20180907Kernel Build Daemon
2018-09-06Automatically updated to 4.19-rc2-next-20180906Kernel Build Daemon
2018-09-05Automatically updated to 4.19-rc2-next-20180905Kernel Build Daemon
2018-09-04Automatically updated to 4.19-rc2-next-20180904Kernel Build Daemon
2018-09-03Automatically updated to 4.19-rc2-next-20180903Kernel Build Daemon