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27 hoursUpdate patch tag for CVE-2018-1068SLE12-SP2Takashi Iwai
31 hoursibmvnic: Fix reset return from closed state (bsc#1084610).Michal Suchanek
32 hoursMerge branch 'users/mhocko/SLE12-SP2/for-next' into SLE12-SP2Takashi Iwai
33 hoursfs/hugetlbfs/inode.c: change put_page/unlock_page order inMichal Hocko
39 hourse1000e: Fix link check race condition (bsc#1075428).Benjamin Poirier
39 hoursRevert "e1000e: Separate signaling for link check/link up"Benjamin Poirier
39 hourse1000e: Fix check_for_link return value with autoneg offBenjamin Poirier
39 hourse1000e: Avoid missed interrupts following ICR readBenjamin Poirier
39 hourse1000e: Fix queue interrupt re-raising in Other interruptBenjamin Poirier
39 hoursPartial revert "e1000e: Avoid receiver overrun interrupt bursts"Benjamin Poirier
39 hourse1000e: Remove Other from EIAC (bsc#1075428).Benjamin Poirier
39 hourse1000e: Avoid receiver overrun interrupt bursts (bsc#1075428).Benjamin Poirier
2 daysmd-cluster: fix wrong condition check in raid1_write_requestGuoqing Jiang
3 daysMerge branch 'users/ohering/SLE12-SP2/for-next' into SLE12-SP2Takashi Iwai
3 daysstorvsc_drv: use separate workqueue for rescan (bsc#1070536,Olaf Hering
3 daysstorvsc: do not schedule work elements during host resetOlaf Hering
3 daysstorvsc_drv: use embedded work structure for host rescanOlaf Hering
3 daysRefresh patches.drivers/ibmvnic-Fix-recent-errata-commit.patch.Michal Suchanek
3 daysibmvnic: Improve TX buffer accounting (bsc#1085224).Michal Suchanek
3 daysibmvnic: Update TX and TX completion routines (bsc#1085224).Michal Suchanek
3 daysibmvnic: Update TX pool initialization routine (bsc#1085224).Michal Suchanek
3 daysibmvnic: Update release RX pool routine (bsc#1085224).Michal Suchanek
3 daysibmvnic: Update and clean up reset TX pool routineMichal Suchanek
3 daysibmvnic: Generalize TX pool structure (bsc#1085224).Michal Suchanek
3 daysibmvnic: Fix recent errata commit (bsc#1085239).Michal Suchanek
3 daysibmvnic: Handle TSO backing device errata (bsc#1085239).Michal Suchanek
3 daysibmvnic: Pad small packets to minimum MTU size (bsc#1085239).Michal Suchanek
3 daysibmvnic: Account for VLAN header length in TX buffersMichal Suchanek
3 daysibmvnic: Account for VLAN tag in L2 Header descriptorMichal Suchanek
3 daysmac80211_hwsim: fix possible memory leak in hwsim_new_radio_nl()Takashi Iwai
4 dayss390/dasd: fix handling of internal requests (bsc#1080809).Thomas Abraham
4 daysMerge branch 'users/mkubecek/SLE12-SP2/for-next' into SLE12-SP2Kernel Build Daemon
4 daysMerge branch 'users/mkubecek/SLE12-SP2/git-fixes' into users/mkubecek/SLE12-S...Michal Kubecek
4 daysnetfilter: ebtables: fix erroneous reject of last ruleMichal Kubecek
4 daysnetfilter: ebtables: CONFIG_COMPAT: don't trust userland offsetsMichal Kubecek
4 daysipvlan: fix multicast processing (bsc#1042286).Michal Kubecek
4 daysipvlan: fix various issues in ipvlan_process_multicast()Michal Kubecek
4 daysnetfilter: nf_tables: fix inconsistent element expirationMichal Kubecek
4 daysudp: restore UDPlite many-cast delivery (bsc#1042286).Michal Kubecek
4 daysipv4: update comment to document GSO fragmentation casesMichal Kubecek
4 daysnetfilter: nf_tables: fix race when create new element in dynsetMichal Kubecek
4 dayskabi: restore nft_set_elem_destroy() signature (bsc#1042286).Michal Kubecek
4 daysnetfilter: nf_tables: fix *leak* when expr clone failMichal Kubecek
4 daysipv4: allow local fragmentation in ip_finish_output_gso()Michal Kubecek
4 daysflow_dissector: fix vlan tag handling (bsc#1042286).Michal Kubecek
4 daysflow_dissector: Check skb for VLAN only if skb specifiedMichal Kubecek
4 daysnetfilter: xt_socket: fix transparent match for IPv6 requestMichal Kubecek
4 daystest_bpf: fix the dummy skb after dissector changesMichal Kubecek
4 daysvlan: Check for vlan ethernet types for 8021.q or 802.1adMichal Kubecek
4 dayskabi: restore rhashtable_insert_slow() signature (bsc#1042286).Michal Kubecek